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    Protect against advanced and cloud-enabled threats and safeguard data across all vectors.

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    Confidently provide secure, high-performance access to every remote user, device, site, and cloud.

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    Visibilidad inigualable y protección contra amenazas y datos en tiempo real en la nube privada de seguridad más grande del mundo.

Netskope ha sido nombrado Líder en el Informe del Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner™ 2022 en SSE

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Respuesta rápida de Gartner®: ¿Cómo afecta la adquisición de Netskope a los proyectos SD-WAN, SASE y SSE?

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Quick Answer: How Does Netskope’s Acquisition of Infiot Impact SD-WAN, SASE and SSE Projects?

Netskope ofrece una estrategia de seguridad cloud moderna, con capacidades unificadas para los datos y protección frente a amenazas, además de un acceso privado seguro.

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Cambie a los servicios de seguridad en la nube líderes del mercado con una latencia mínima y una alta fiabilidad.

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Prevenga las amenazas que a menudo eluden otras soluciones de seguridad utilizando un marco SSE de un solo paso.

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Soluciones de confianza cero para implementaciones de SSE y SASE

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Netskope hace posible un proceso seguro, rápido y con inteligencia cloud para la adopción de los servicios en la nube, las aplicaciones y la infraestructura de nube pública.

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    Netskope da servicio a más de 2.000 clientes en todo el mundo, entre los que se encuentran más de 25 de las 100 empresas de Fortune

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    Le apoyamos en cada paso del camino, garantizando su éxito con Netskope.

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    La formación de Netskope le ayudará a convertirse en un experto en seguridad en la nube.

Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a estar preparados para cualquier situación

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El talentoso y experimentado equipo de servicios profesionales de Netskope proporciona un enfoque prescriptivo para su exitosa implementación.

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Netskope Professional Services

Asegure su viaje de transformación digital y aproveche al máximo sus aplicaciones en la nube, web y privadas con la capacitación de Netskope.

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    Descubra cómo Netskope permite la transformación de la seguridad y las redes a través del servicio de seguridad (SSE).

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    Manténgase a la vanguardia de las últimas tendencias de seguridad y conéctese con sus pares.

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    Todo lo que necesitas saber en nuestra enciclopedia de ciberseguridad.

Podcast Security Visionaries

Episode 15: Building Permanent Security Awareness

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Lea lo último sobre cómo Netskope puede hacer posible el viaje de confianza cero y SASE a través de las capacidades de SSE.

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Semana SASE

Netskope puede ayudarle a dar los primeros pasos en el mundo SASE y a descubrir qué papel desempeñan en él la seguridad, las conexiones de red y Zero Trust.

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Semana SASE

¿Qué es Security Service Edge (SSE)?

Explore el lado de la seguridad de SASE, el futuro de la red y la protección en la nube.

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    Le ayudamos a mantenerse a la vanguardia de los desafíos de seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red.

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    La transformación de la nube y el trabajo desde cualquier lugar han cambiado la forma en que debe funcionar la seguridad.

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    Nuestro equipo de liderazgo está firmemente comprometido a hacer todo lo necesario para que nuestros clientes tengan éxito.

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    Nos asociamos con líderes en seguridad para ayudarlo a asegurar su viaje a la nube.

Netskope posibilita el futuro del trabajo.

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Netskope está redefiniendo la seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red para ayudar a las organizaciones a aplicar los principios de Zero Trust para proteger los datos.

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Pensadores, constructores, soñadores, innovadores. Juntos, ofrecemos soluciones de seguridad en la nube de vanguardia para ayudar a nuestros clientes a proteger sus datos y usuarios.

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La estrategia de venta centrada en el partner de Netskope permite a nuestros canales maximizar su expansión y rentabilidad y, al mismo tiempo, transformar la seguridad de su empresa.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Answering 3 Big Questions About Secure Passwords

Oct 19 2022

Passwords have been employed by many since the days of the Roman Empire, and they quickly became omnipresent as we approached the digital age. However, rapid changes in the security landscape have forced us to evolve what our passwords look like and how they are used. At times, this has led to conflicting advice and confusion on what proper password management looks like. By clarifying how to best create and use passwords, we can make it easier for people to stay safe online.

With that in mind, as a part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I am going to answer some of the questions you may have when it comes to passwords.

Is it better to have a long password or a complex password?

A few years ago, you may have been told that if you want to make your password game better, you need to start using complex passwords. Using mixed-case characters, numbers, and special characters makes your password less guessable to a human, which used to be enough, but with machines that’s a different story. In 2012, a nine-character password with numbers, mixed-case letters, and symbols would take 12 years to crack. In 2022 though, that same password can be deciphered in two days. And if you are just like everyone else and replace your “a” with “@” and your “s” with “$”, your password is very likely already in a dictionary, increasing the likelihood of an attacker figuring out your password.

When comparing these two password attributes there is not one clear winner. The best passwords are longer while still being complex. As we can see with the table below from Hive Systems, even complex passwords can be cracked in nearly no time if they are shorter than 10 characters. Contrarily, a full-lowercase password that is 18 characters long will only take two million years to figure out. But in less time than you’d expect, technology will advance to the degree that even this type of password may be able to be brute-forced in as short as two days.

Should my password be coherent words or gibberish?

There are two sides of the aisle when it comes to using real words in passwords as opposed to using a random combination of valid characters. Using memorable words makes it easier to remember a password and lessens the need to write it down somewhere unsafe, but they also make our passwords more susceptible to a dictionary attack. 

If we use a passphrase in the style of “humus-LIGAMENT-teammate-hazard”, the length provides a reasonable strength of security, while still being easy to remember and input. Dictionary attacks cannot quickly break these passwords, and they remain a great option for passwords that you want or need to remember offhand. However, they are still not quite as strong as a long assortment of random characters, such as “@[email protected]@4C”. Clearly that string is far too difficult to remember, but how can we create so many of these long, complex passwords without sacrificing our security, productivity, and sanity?

If your app of choice does not allow you to have a password of at least 16 characters, you should consider using an alternative. If your application is mission-critical, then use the maximum number of characters allowed and make it as complex as is allowed. Be mindful of the allowed special characters in passwords as well, as this can vary between applications.

Are password managers the “real deal?”

It is unrealistic to expect ourselves or others to be able to remember all of the passwords we need to use, especially as they get longer and more complex. However, that does mean that if we keep them anywhere except our brains, access needs to be managed appropriately and securely. The use of a password manager is the best solution for storing all of your passwords. Strong encryption protects your data from being read by anyone else, and most of them offer browser extensions to help you autofill passwords for the sites you visit most often. It also means you only need to remember one master password, which you can make as long and complex as you want since you won’t need to remember any others.


The longer and more complex a password is, the stronger it is going to be in locking down sensitive information. To avoid reusing passwords or writing them down somewhere unsafe, use a password manager. Ask your company’s IT team if they have licenses for password managers available for your team, so that you can continue to play an important role in keeping sensitive data out of the hands of those who aim to abuse it.

Keep an eye out for more blog coverage in support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

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Sean Salomon
Sean Salomon is a Security Analyst for the Netskope Global Information Systems team. He graduated from Maryville University's School of Business in 2022 with a Bachelor's in Cybersecurity and a Minor in Application Development.