SoluçõesPCI-DSS Cloud Compliance

PCI-DSS Cloud Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is an international, comprehensive standard outlining the minimum security requirements for cardholder data. The standard is not a law, but any service provider that processes or handles payment card data must adhere to the regulation’s requirements.

Improve your PCI-DSS cloud compliance posture

PCI-DSS has specific compliance requirements tied to protecting cardholder data. Addressing PCI-DSS compliance requirements is a challenge in today’s cloud- and mobile- first world given the lack of visibility and control. Netskope provides the visibility and control you need to help you address your PCI-DSS compliance needs.

Improve your PCI-DSS cloud compliance posture



Use custom coaching workflows to educate employees and consultants about security best practices and protecting the organization’s IT infrastructure.

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Monitor and audit

Regularly monitor traffic within your network and to and from the cloud and test these systems and processes and identify any unauthorized changes and configurations. Streamline the audit process with detailed reports.

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Access control

Implement adaptive control with granular restrictions that take in contextual data including user, group, location, device, application, activity, and data.

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Cardholder data protection

Apply DLP and/or encryption policies to ensure that data containing PCI does not get into the wrong hands.

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I love how Netskope surfaces all the information we need to track down an incident and get the right folks involved in remediation. This saves us a ton of time when time is of the essence.

—SOC Analyst, Fortune 500 Retailer

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