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A Netskope oferece uma pilha de segurança na nuvem moderna, com capacidade unificada para proteção de dados e ameaças, além de acesso privado seguro.

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Netskope é nomeada Líder no Relatório do Quadrante Mágico™ do Gartner de 2022 para SSE

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Mude para serviços de segurança na nuvem líderes de mercado com latência mínima e alta confiabilidade.

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Previna ameaças que muitas vezes contornam outras soluções de segurança usando uma estrutura SSE de passagem única.

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Soluções de zero trust para a implementação de SSE e SASE

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A Netskope permite uma jornada segura, inteligente e rápida para a adoção de serviços em nuvem, aplicações e infraestrutura de nuvem pública.

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Confie na Netskope para ajudar você a enfrentar ameaças emergentes, novos riscos, mudanças tecnológicas, mudanças organizacionais e de rede, e novos requisitos regulatórios.

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Contamos com engenheiros qualificados no mundo todo, com experiências variadas em segurança na nuvem, redes, virtualização, entrega de conteúdo e desenvolvimento de software, prontos para prestar assistência técnica oportuna e de alta qualidade.

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Episódio bônus: a importância do Security Service Edge (SSE)

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Leia as últimas novidades sobre como a Netskope pode viabilizar a jornada Zero Trust e SASE por meio dos recursos do security service edge (SSE).

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Netskope na RSA 2022

Conheça e converse com especialistas em segurança da Netskope na RSA.

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O que é o Security Service Edge?

Explore o lado de segurança de SASE, o futuro da rede e proteção na nuvem.

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A Netskope possibilita o futuro do trabalho.

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A Netskope está redefinindo a nuvem, os dados e a segurança da rede para ajudar as organizações a aplicar os princípios de Zero Trust para proteger os dados.

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Pensadores, construtores, sonhadores, inovadores. Juntos, fornecemos soluções de segurança na nuvem de última geração para ajudar nossos clientes a proteger seus dados e seu pessoal.

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A estratégia de comercialização da Netskope, focada em Parcerias, permite que nossos Parceiros maximizem seu crescimento e lucratividade enquanto transformam a segurança corporativa.

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Blog Bastidores As a CIO, I’ve Championed Modernisation, Transformation, and Innovation Across Industries. Here’s Why I Joined Netskope.
Feb 07 2022

As a CIO, I’ve Championed Modernisation, Transformation, and Innovation Across Industries. Here’s Why I Joined Netskope.

Ilona Simpson joined Netskope as Chief Information Officer EMEA in January 2022. She joins Netskope from adidas, a multinational sportswear manufacturer headquartered in Germany, where she served as VP, CIO & Transformation Office. Prior to adidas, she held various technology leadership roles at EON, Aston Martin, DHL Supply Chain, and Porsche—including Regional, Divisional and Global CIO. In 2021, Constellation Research named her a member of the Business Transformation 150, an elite list that recognizes the top global executives leading business transformation efforts in their organizations. She is also a tech start-up investor and mentor, and acts as an advisor to various industry and technology boards.

I experienced firsthand how the CIO role has evolved over the past years. Technology functions in organisations have moved from “back office” to “internal solution provider,” with increasing aspiration to act as a “strategic technology partner” to the business. And an increasing number of boards and CEOs have realigned reporting lines of CIOs to the CEOs/Managing Directors. I was very fortunate to have reported to the CEO of Aston Martin and Divisional MD of DHL Supply Chain in the UK, and experienced firsthand the difference in quality of dialogue, being an equal member at the executive committee’s table.

How has the CIO agenda changed? Gartner put it very succinctly in the 2022 CIO Agenda, outlining three action areas for CIOs: “Composable thinking, composable business architecture, and composable technology.” All three of which boil down to a need for CIOs to think in modular ways in uncertain circumstances, emphasizing that the technology element of it means microservices, APIs, automation. Essentially, CIOs need to find the right balance between embracing evolving technology and what boards want. 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. A typical CIO dashboard (or OKR/Team Board—depending on how CIOs manage strategy execution in their organisations) would have 12-18 metrics across 4-6 categories. We find ourselves leading business-wide transformations to “product-led” structures whilst reducing OpEx (operating expenses); consolidating vendor estate; creating transparency and reducing complexity; driving cloud adoption; modernising ERP estate; investing in people and skills development… And last but not least ensuring governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and working closely with CISOs/CSOs on providing optimal protection to the organisation.

The plate’s rather full, isn’t it? 

And this is pre-2020. What we see now is the rising importance of employee experience, amplified necessity to protect the data, and increasing worries from both supervisory and executive boards around cybersecurity. The next step is tackling security transformation. Explosions in several areas of digital transformation are reshaping the business world and security transformation is vital to achieve and sustain the success of digital transformation efforts. Technologies like the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), and analytics substantially improve business outcomes. If security can’t keep up, then that progress is at risk. Security must follow the data.

So whilst some years ago, CIOs could “pass on” cyber topics to the CISO or network teams in infrastructure (and I had a great privilege of working with some brilliant minds in both functions!), these days CIOs are getting increasingly involved. And this is the absolutely right way to go! As an anecdote, my first hire as a CIO of Aston Martin was the CISO. It was me going out, getting the buy-in of my peers on the executive committee, advocating for the role (and running into open doors!). Today, boards mandate cybersecurity reviews and supervisory boards are requesting updates on this topic from CIOs and CISOs. 

I personally love learning from the best and working with the best. This is how I pivoted from my SAP consultant path at Accenture to become a process engineer at Porsche (who were named a number one employer by a leading German business magazine that year). This is why I chose IESE Business School for my Global Executive MBA (and consider it to be one of the best choices I’ve made), and this is why I have now joined Netskope. I did my due diligence reviewing various sources, including Gartner Peer Insights. Looking beyond the curtains of polished marketing, it became apparent that Netskope is head and shoulders ahead of any competition when it comes to technology. 

In my first weeks at Netskope, I have spent a lot of time learning what modern cybersecurity looks like in real life, and that it not only doesn’t have to cost more but it also doesn’t have to be a burden. Knowing this, you would be shocked to learn that a significant number of enterprises are not adequately equipped. According to a recent MHP study, over 50% of German enterprises are yet to establish comprehensive risk management (and I am sure it is no different in most other parts of the Western world too). Modern communication technologies require a modern approach to security. My personal mission is to play a role in closing this gap. We need to step up our game! Being surrounded by the brilliant minds at Netskope who think ahead of where the vast majority of tech companies find themselves is a very humbling experience and a steep learning curve for sure! And it’s a rewarding one, too.

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About the author
Ilona Simpson serves as Chief Information Officer EMEA for Netskope. A seasoned CIO, she brings to the table over 20 years’ experience of initiating and leading the implementation of new business / technology strategies and operating models. During her career, she has delivered value through all phases of a business: high growth, downturns, new business integration and divestments.
Ilona Simpson serves as Chief Information Officer EMEA for Netskope. A seasoned CIO, she brings to the table over 20 years’ experience of initiating and leading the implementation of new business / technology strategies and operating models. During her career, she has delivered value through all phases of a business:…