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Netskope for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft services are ubiquitous at many organizations. Microsoft Azure is no different, being the cloud computing platform that Microsoft offers developers. Many times, the use of cloud computing platforms introduces cloud risks to organizations because of the sensitive data stored in each instance and the amount of services being spun up. Visibility into the use of Azure in combination with access and security controls will allow for organizations to harness the flexibility and convenience of the cloud while staying secure.

Netskope delivers real-time visibility and control over activities and data, enterprise DLP, and granular auditing capabilities for Azure.

Key Features

Deep context

Gain visibility into activities such as Create, Edit, Delete, and more by developers and admins in Azure. And because of the granular visibility offered by Netskope, you can drill down into specific instances of Azure to learn more about users or admins, objects, or specific activities to audit or govern with access controls.

  • Understand user, device, data, and activity context
  • Prevent unauthorized activities such as the creation of a new instance
  • Focus policies on specific risky activities
Advanced cloud DLP

Use DLP for real-time activities to prevent sensitive data from being uploaded to instances in Azure. Automated workflows will quarantine sensitive data and notify the user and admins for review.

  • Secure sensitive data
  • Create custom DLP profiles
  • Support 500+ file types and 3000+ data identifiers
  • Use fingerprinting, exact match, and more
Granular control

Create granular access and security policies based on context like service, user, activity, device, and more.

  • Enforce policies based on identity, service, activity, and data
  • Protect sensitive data with advanced cloud DLP
  • Mix and match policy elements to carve out risk without blocking services

Top Use Cases

Sensitive data security

Detect and secure your sensitive content en route to or from Azure with advanced, enterprise DLP. Uncover sensitive content using predefined profiles (or custom ones) for payment card industry data (PCI), protected health information (PHI), and more. Protect your data with automated workflows to block, and quarantine your data, with alerting capabilities for incident management.

Granular visibility and control

Gain granular visibility and control into activities and access. Know what’s going on with individual Azure instances. Audit user privileges and access and place contextual controls over them like restricting the creation of instances in real time. Right-size access privileges depending on user role and activity.

Network security management

Monitor and prevent network configuration changes, like checking if SSH access is enabled. And with the granular visibility over your Azure instances, you can place contextual policies on access and activities performed by users.

Stop threats

Protect your organization from cloud threats such as malware and ransomware being uploaded into Azure and also detect unusual data movement or user activity that could indicate the presence of an active threat in your environment.

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