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Netskope is a cloud security company that enables Higher Education institutions to use the cloud and web securely.

Netskope can mitigate risk without impeding the openness, productivity and collaboration that institutions require. Common use cases: enabling safe collaboration via cloud/SaaS technologies, preventing sensitive data loss, and providing remote access to private applications — for managed or unmanaged devices. With Netskope, colleges and universities using Netskope can adhere to FERPA, GLBA, and HIPAA compliance.



Secure collaboration

Cloud app use for productivity is exploding; Office365, Slack, Zoom, and other cloud collaboration tools used by students, faculty, and staff on and off campus. While everyone is trying to get work and research done, security teams still need to protect sensitive data. Netskope provides granular visibility and control of web and cloud usage, combined with comprehensive data and threat protection to safely enable students, faculty, and staff no matter where they are, what device they are using, or what they do.

Managed cloud apps

BYOD support

Campuses are often full of student owned BYOD. Enabling productivity while mitigating threat and DLP risk on these unsecured devices is a challenge. Netskope provides API and reverse proxy support allowing colleges and universities to get activity level control of sensitive data such as PII and research enabling productivity without an agent mitigating the risk of sensitive data exfiltration. Allow BYOD devices to view and edit documents but prevent move, print, and download to safely enable work and collaboration.

Netskope Security Cloud Operation and Administration (NSCO&A) - Classroom Training

Public cloud security

A growing number of colleges and universities rely on cloud infrastructure platforms in Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS for cost savings, efficient campus-wide IT management, and storing/processing big data for research. Netskope’s public cloud security provides insight into sensitive data stored in blobs and buckets preventing oversharing. It also enforces compliance against standards for NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, CIS, and best practice benchmarks alerting on and fixing misconfigurations that lead to data loss or breaches.

Zero Trust is a security model based on the premise that no one should be blindly trusted inside the network and allowed to access anything until they have been validated as legitimate and authorized.

Direct and secure access

Remove expensive legacy back hauling using VPNs and deliver a direct-to-net architecture using a cloud security platform. Netskope provides a global security cloud for securing and managing remote workers’ access to websites and cloud applications. Additionally Netskope seamlessly and securely connects remote workers to their private applications in the data center or public cloud using Zero Trust Network Access.

Key benefits and capabilities


Granular visibility and control

Understand and control the websites and cloud applications being accessed by your remote workers. Learn what level of risk those cloud applications pose, and how remote workers are using those apps.


Enhanced user experience

Safely access cloud, web, and private applications using a high-performance, scalable global network infrastructure (Netskope NewEdge). Guarantee that students, staff, and faculty experience seamless and low-latency connectivity wherever they are.


Global data protection

Advanced DLP policies and reports help ensure regulatory compliance for FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA and more by monitoring and preventing sensitive data from being accessed and uploaded by students, faculty, and staff to unmanaged cloud applications or websites.


Threat protection
on and off campus

Detect and stop malware and cloud-enabled threats across your environment in real-time. Mitigate data exfiltration and insider threats, alert on account compromise and highlight anomalous user behavior.


Zero trust network access

Provide direct, seamless and secure remote access to applications in public cloud environments or data centers without unnecessary exposure to the internet.


Integrated and efficient security

Consolidate point solutions and reduce the complexity and cost of managing multiple disparate products. Protect your environment with a single, intuitive console and an integrated cloud-native platform to simplify deployment, operations and policy enforcement.


Securing BYOD in Higher Ed

Securing BYOD in Higher Ed

Netskope for Higher Education

Netskope for Higher Education

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Netskope for Microsoft Office 365

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Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

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