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Netskope Training

Cloud has changed the game and with that comes a new set of tools to roll out and skills to learn. We’ve assembled training to help you in your journey to becoming a cloud security expert. Get started now and stay ahead of the curve.

Netskope Fundamentals Online Training - Data Sheet

Netskope Fundamentals is a set of online courses designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Netskope platform. With interactive tutorials and knowledge checks, the program provides a solid understanding of the Netskope platform and how it can be leveraged to secure both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services and protect sensitive data.

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Netskope Certified Cloud Associate (NCCA) Training

This two-day course will be an in-depth training on the entirety of the Netskope Active Platform. A 60-minute, 30-question exam will be given at the end for certification.

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