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Netskope delivers a modern cloud security stack, with unified capabilities for data and threat protection, plus secure private access.

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Netskope Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for SSE Report

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Make the move to market-leading cloud security services with minimal latency and high reliability.

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Prevent threats that often evade other security solutions using a single-pass SSE framework.

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Zero trust solutions for SSE and SASE deployments

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Netskope enables a safe, cloud-smart, and fast journey to adopt cloud services, apps, and public cloud infrastructure.

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Trust Netskope to help you address evolving threats, new risks, technology shifts, organizational and network changes, and new regulatory requirements.

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We have qualified engineers worldwide, with diverse backgrounds in cloud security, networking, virtualization, content delivery, and software development, ready to give you timely, high-quality technical assistance.

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Bonus Episode: The Importance of Security Service Edge (SSE)

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Read the latest on how Netskope can enable the Zero Trust and SASE journey through security service edge (SSE) capabilities.

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Netskope at RSA 2022

Meet and speak with Netskope security specialists at RSA.

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What is Security Service Edge?

Explore the security side of SASE, the future of network and protection in the cloud.

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Netskope enables the future of work.

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Netskope is redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply Zero Trust principles to protect data.

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Thinkers, builders, dreamers, innovators. Together, we deliver cutting-edge cloud security solutions to help our customers protect their data and people.

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Netskope’s partner-centric go-to-market strategy enables our partners to maximize their growth and profitability while transforming enterprise security.

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Solutions Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection for the Cloud

Data flows like water in the cloud with services, apps, and web traffic led by your business units and users. Protect data in motion from leakage, theft, or exposure and data at rest in managed cloud services. Also, continuously assess public cloud instances for misconfigurations and possible data exposure.

Data-centric cloud security stack

Data is a new perimeter continuously expanding by your business units and users. Your cloud security stack needs to be data-centric providing cloud data protection across managed and unmanaged cloud services, apps, and web traffic, plus continuously assessing public cloud instances for possible data exposure.

Top solutions for cloud data protection



Whether you need to comply with mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, PCI, or another regimen, Netskope has you covered so you can pass audits. With Netskope DLP, you can construct activity audit trails, create summary compliance reports, protect sensitive data with strong encryption, and manage data incidents.


Prevent data loss

Netskope provides a vantage point across account instances to detect data movement that could signal data exfiltration. Netskope anomaly detection combined with DLP capabilities can correlate the download of sensitive data from managed cloud services like Salesforce or Box with the upload of the same data to personal cloud services.


Secure data

Uncover sensitive content using predefined (or custom) profiles for payment card industry data (PCI), protected health information (PHI), and many more. Protect with automated workflows to block, quarantine, or encrypt your data. With Netskope DLP, you can identify and secure all sensitive data in the cloud.


Data visibility

Whether satisfying auditing requirements, compliance, or just corporate security policies, it is important to understand where your most sensitive data is flowing and how it’s being used. This includes discovering sensitive data at rest in managed cloud services and data in motion for cloud services and within web traffic.


Continuous assessment

As enterprises move workloads and sensitive data into public cloud infrastructure at a rapid pace, the risk of exposure, sensitive data loss, non-compliance, and cloud-enabled threats remain significant challenges. With Netskope, get an understanding of your risk exposure, detect misconfigurations, inventory assets, enforce compliance standards, and protect your data.


Incident management

Respond quickly and thoroughly to cloud and web policy violations. Take advantage of Netskope incident management for end-to-end workflows. Perform investigative analysis with comprehensive, rich metadata and activity audit trails. Assign owners, track progress, and mark as resolved, plus integrate with SIEM and SOAR solutions for workflows and playbooks.

My job is to protect my organization’s most valuable data. So, when we moved to the cloud, finding the best cloud DLP solution was my number one priority. Netskope exceeded our requirements in every way.

—Security Architect, Fortune 100 Equipment Manufacturer

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Evaluating Data Loss Impact

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Top Questions to Ask Your Cloud DLP Vendor

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Netskope DLP Best Practices and Netskope AI-ML Update

Netskope DLP Best Practices and Netskope AI-ML Update

Leading cloud security concerns, 52% data privacy, 51% data loss and leakage.


Data privacy

Source: Cybersecurity Insider Cloud Security Report 2019


Data loss and leakage

Source: Cybersecurity Insider Cloud Security Report 2019

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