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Shadow IT and Unmanaged Cloud Protection

Discover and provide data and threat protection for unmanaged apps and cloud services adopted by your business units and users. Today, companies on average have 1,295 apps and cloud services with less than 2% managed by IT administration. Protect your users and provide coaching to help users avoid using high risk apps and encourage safer alternatives.

Discover and secure all cloud services in use

Learn your app and cloud services risk profile with over 36,000 ratings from the Netskope Cloud Confidence IndexTM (CCI),  based on 50+ attributes from the Cloud Security Alliance, and seven profiles, including privacy, risk, security, and compliance. You can upload logs for discovery to get started or deploy inline for maximum visibility.

Understand your unmanaged cloud use and risks


Full visibility

Gain full visibility of your cloud services with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all cloud traffic, whether your users are on-premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client.

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Granular control

Leverage granular policy controls for all your apps and cloud services. Rather than take a coarse-grained approach that blocks apps, set granular security policies based on user, app, instance, risk level, data, and activity.

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Data protection

Detect and protect your sensitive content as it moves in and out of managed and unmanaged cloud services with the industry’s most sophisticated cloud data loss prevention (DLP) and advanced data encryption.

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Maintain detailed audit trails of all cloud activities, and ensure compliance by governing access to your cloud services based on deep cloud context.

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Vendor assurance

Enable the adoption of new apps and cloud services, and perform due diligence on both discovered and requested apps.

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If you want to say ‘yes’ to your users, you need Netskope. Their ability to govern Shadow IT is unsurpassed in the CASB space.

—Security Architect, Leading IT Consulting Company

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Netskope Risk Insights

Netskope Risk Insights

Netskope Cloud Report-August 2019

Netskope Cloud Report - August 2019

Netskope Cloud Report - August 2019

Netskope Cloud Report - August 2019

Top security concerns SOC teams are struggling with


Data privacy / confidentiality

Source: Cloud Security Report - Cybersecurity Insiders (April 2019)


Data loss / leakage

Source: Cloud Security Report - Cybersecurity Insiders (April 2019)

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