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Cloud-scale architecture

Traditional security solutions are limited by the compute, storage and I/O that are available in a physical on-premises appliance form factor. This impacts the ability to scale adequately to the needs of today’s demanding enterprise environments.

Netskope has built its infrastructure and software architecture at cloud scale. What this means is that, unlike traditional security solutions that are limited by the compute, storage and I/O that are available in a physical appliance, our cloud-scale platform has virtually infinite resources that can be applied to solve customer problems. The Netskope cloud-scale security platform enables you to implement our cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting user experience, irrespective of whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of users.

Key Features

Global coverage

Our cloud security service is delivered from globally distributed, secure data centers that are typically less than 20ms from any user.


Netskope is built on a modular, loosely coupled, micro-services architecture that enables us to provide and scale core capabilities abstracted from underlying hardware. This architecture is inherently resilient to the temporary failure of any sub-system.


Both the physical infrastructure and software architecture are built in a redundant manner. There are multiple instances of every core component at both the infrastructure layer (router, switch, server, rack, or even entire data center) and the software stack.


Resources can be used in the most efficient manner, and the millions of Netskope subscribers automatically benefit from the shared improvements across the entire user base.


Netskope cloud security service scales to handle changes in your business usage without requiring changes in your deployment or an architectural redesign.

Cloud-scale architecture

Implement the Netskope cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting the user experience

The Netskope cloud security service is powered by a platform that is architected for scalability and performance. The cloud-scale architecture is global, resilient, redundant, multi-tenant, and elastic.

Top Use Cases

Massive scale

The Netskope cloud-scale platform performs billions of transactions per day across hundreds of millions of users.

Totally elastic

The Netskope cloud-scale platform elastically applies the resources needed to perform any cloud security task so there’s no need to worry about the headaches associated with traditional capacity planning.


The Netskope cloud-scale platform enables you to start with a service such as a Cloud Risk Assessment, and seamlessly layer on services such as DLP and threat protection without any discernable performance degradation.

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