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ソリューションNetskope for K12

Netskope for K12

Netskope enables K12 schools to use the cloud and web securely. Netskope provides real-time security to users and coaches them when risky behavior is detected. By blocking inappropriate material and preventing malicious threats and data loss, schools using Netskope can adhere to CIPA and FERPA compliance. Common use cases are URL filtering, data loss prevention, and malware protection — for managed or unmanaged devices.



CIPA Compliance

Netskope provides a global security cloud for securing and managing students access to websites and cloud applications on and off campus. Administrators have the ability to block students from accessing harmful or malicious content with one set of policies throughout traditional and elearning environments. Performing SSL at scale Netskope is a painless way to maintain CIPA compliance with over 100 content categories to choose from for age appropriate filtering.



1-1 Programs

Easily extend Netskope protection by installing a lightweight agent that filters students wherever they go without adding latency. The same granular policies and reporting administrators apply on campus will follow these devices home, at starbucks, or across the world.



Cloud app use for productivity and elearning is exploding. Many schools use GSuite for Cloud Storage, Elearning, Email, and more. While students and staff are trying to get work done, security teams still need to comply with FERPA and protect other sensitive data. Netskope provides granular visibility and control of web and cloud usage, combined with comprehensive data and threat protection to safely enable elearners and remote staff no matter where they are, what device they are on, or what they do.





Understand and control the websites and cloud applications being accessed on campus and school owned devices as they roam. Learn what level of risk those cloud applications pose, and how students and staff are using those apps.



Safely access cloud, web, and private applications using a high-performance, scalable global network infrastructure (Netskope NewEdge). Guarantees that students and faculty experience seamless and low-latency connectivity wherever they are.



Advanced DLP policies and reports help ensure regulatory compliance such as FERPA by monitoring and preventing sensitive data from being accessed and uploaded by students, faculty, and admins to unmanaged cloud applications or websites.






Consolidate point solutions and reduce the complexity and cost of managing multiple disparate products. Protect your environment with a single, intuitive console, using a single, integrated cloud-native platform to simplify deployment, operations and policy enforcement saving time and money.


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