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Netskope for retail and hospitality

The digital transformation of the retail and hospitality sector is driving a range of technology advances in your industry. To stay competitive, your organization needs to delight your customers and build strong brand loyalty by creating a more consistent and personalized experience across all of your channels. To achieve this, your organization may be looking to more agile, cloud-based solutions, from customer-facing systems for point of sale and CRM to back office applications for accounting and inventory management. As you use more cloud services and dynamic websites that mimic the functionality of the cloudhowever, it’s important to understand and manage the risks that can come with the use of these services.

From payment card data and your customers’ personal information to the inadvertent disclosure of non-public reports or business plans, data security for the retail and hospitality industry can become more challenging as your organization moves to the cloud. Without visibility and control across SaaS, IaaS, and web, you can no longer govern usage to ensure PCI compliance and protect other sensitive data. To ensure cloud security in your organization, you need to understand what cloud services and websites are in use and how they are being used, enforce access controls, protect sensitive data, and restrict risky cloud activities. Netskope is doing exactly that for the world’s largest and most demanding retail and hospitality organizations.

Key Features

Assess risk

As cloud service and web usage grows, you need to understand and manage the risks associated with these services. Granular visibility into your cloud and web usage will help you strike the right balance between these risks and the business benefits you are trying to achieve.

  • Discover which cloud services and websites are being used
  • Assess enterprise readiness of cloud services
  • See usage detail about users, activities, and data
Ensure compliance

You need to understand activity-level usage of your cloud services and websites in the context of PCI-DSS compliance as well as any other compliance regimens that you are subject to. To ensure compliant usage, you need to govern access, activities and data in across cloud and web.

  • Build detailed audit trail of cloud and web activities
  • Create regular reports for policy compliance
  • Govern usage across all cloud and web services
  • Restrict non-compliant activities
Protect data

It’s easy to share data in the cloud and web, but improper use can impact the security of payment card data as well as other sensitive information. It’s important for you to identify and protect the sensitive data stored in your cloud services and also control data being uploaded, downloaded, and shared.

  • Accurately detect PCI data and other sensitive content
  • Support your data classification system
  • Protect sensitive data with strong encryption
  • Stop data exfiltration to personal cloud services
Audit and report

As your users interact with the cloud and web, it is important to create a granular audit trail of their cloud activities to understand the full context of their actions, and to facilitate reporting for PCI-DSS compliance and for other internal and external auditors.

  • Create regular reports for auditors
  • Provide details about users, activities, and data
  • Ability to drill down for further investigation

Top Use Cases


Find all cloud services and websites in use across your organization, both sanctioned services and shadow IT. Understand the enterprise-readiness of these cloud services with our objective Cloud Confidence Index and obtain detailed usage information about users, activities and data. Use this information to assess your risk and inform your cloud and web security policies, such as preventing users from uploading content to poorly rated personal cloud storage services.

Secure data

Detect PCI data and other sensitive content at rest in sanctioned cloud services or en route to or from any cloud service or website with advanced, enterprise DLP. Define granular policies – based on identity, service, activity and data – to automatically protect your data by blocking activities, restricting access, encrypting data, and more.

Stop threats

The cloud and web makes it easy to share, but this same capability makes these services an attractive target for malicious actors. Protect your organization from cloud threats such as malware and ransomware and also detect unusual data movement or user activity that could indicate the presence of an active threat in your environment.

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