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Netskope for Google Workspace

Maintain the visibility and security controls you need within Google Workplace (formerly G Suite) to protect sensitive data against loss or leakage and ensure compliance.

Les principales préoccupations des équipes SOC en matière de sécurité :

Cloud storage, webmail and social apps are the most popular apps used for phishing, with the top storage apps being Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint and Google Drive

80 %

increase in the use of collaboration apps over past 6 months

Source : Rapport Cloud et menaces, Netskope, 2020
63 %

the amount of cloud-based malware delivery (vs web) in past 6 months

Source : Rapport Cloud et menaces, Netskope, 2020

Secure your data and ensure compliance in Google Workplace

Netskope provides you real-time, granular visibility and control over all Google Workplace services. With Netskope you have automated workflows, which include options for changing access permissions and quarantining sensitive or threatening files, to help your organization get the most out of Workplace, while keeping it safe and compliant.

Netskope Security Cloud

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Netskope Security Cloud

Une visibilité inégalée. Détection des menaces et protection des données en temps réel.

Netskope Security Cloud offre une visibilité, une détection des menaces et une protection des données en temps réel et de manière inégalée, où que vous soyez et depuis n'importe quel périphérique. Seul Netskope comprend le cloud et adopte une approche centrée sur les données qui fournit aux équipes de sécurité le parfait équilibre entre protection et rapidité dont elles ont besoin pour sécuriser leur transformation numérique.

Netskope Security Cloud

Top use cases for securing Google Workspace


Control access to Google Workspace applications and more

Using a powerful combination of API-enabled and inline security controls, detect sensitive content in Google Workspace or en route to or from any third-party cloud application or website. Manage access to Google Workspace regardless of where your users are located, what device they are using or how they do so (e.g. web browser, mobile app, sync client). Apply the appropriate access control policies based on your specific needs.


Detect and protect sensitive data

Identify and control access to sensitive data and content across Google Workspace applications. Establish policies to restrict data access and movement within and between Google Workspace applications like Drive and Gmail. Extend this control to third-party cloud storage applications like Box and Dropbox to ensure data is not lost between applications.


Stop insider threats like data exfiltration

Prevent the download of sensitive data from Google Workspace via business instances and then the upload via personal instances, which is one of today’s top data loss methods. For example, allow corporate Gmail accounts to access and download sensitive content but restrict the upload of this data via a personal, unmanaged Gmail account. Additionally, apply this control to unmanaged devices: allow unmanaged or personal device access to a specific cloud app for collaboration, however, do not allow downloading of sensitive data.


Detect and stop elusive threats and malware

As cloud-enabled threats are the norm with 63% of malware delivered from the cloud*, it’s essential to deploy cloud smart threat defenses. Additionally, with SaaS/webmail applications being the #1 phishing target*, it’s more imperative to boost your threat defenses for Google Workspace than ever before.


*Sources: Phishing Trend reports; Netskope Threat Research Labs 2020


Maintain compliance in Google Workspace

Ensure your organization can adhere to strict regulations by enforcing security policies within Google Workspace that prevent actions that can push your organization out of compliance.


Google friendly and fast

Encounter no performance trade-offs when protecting critical Google Workspace data and traffic due to direct peering with Google in all data centers worldwide via Netskope NewEdge.

"7% of users intentionally uploaded sensitive data to personal instances of cloud applications. 14% of file uploads are images which may contain sensitive data."

– Netskope Threat Labs

Nos utilisateurs adorent G Suite, mais nous voulions nous assurer que nos données sensibles sont protégées et que nos utilisateurs disposent des accès les plus appropriés. Netskope proposait tout ce dont nous avions besoin.

—RSSI, entreprise du secteur hôtelier classée au Fortune 100

Les plus grandes entreprises lui font confiance

Apria Healthcare
CSA Group

How Netskope protects Google Workspace environments

Deep visibility and control in real time

Provide inline visibility for thousands of apps (managed and unmanaged) in use, including users, file names, activity, and to whom. Take advantage of the Netskope all-mode architecture, which gives you a comprehensive set of deployment options and enables you to have full visibility and control over your Google Workspace environment and more.

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Advanced data protection in Google Workspace

Netskope comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities identify and protect your sensitive data within and between Google Workspaceapplications. Display real-time notifications and coaching to users conducting risky activities or moving sensitive data, to improve user behavior. Whether using managed or unmanaged, personal devices, Netskope can protect your users and their data while safely using Google Workspace.

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Advanced threat protection (ATP) for Google Workspace

Utilize multi-layered, advanced threat protection to stop modern threats like cloud phishing, malware and compromised credentials within Google Workspace and between other cloud applications. Apply User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to detect and stop anomalies like bulk downloads or deletions via machine-learning enhanced defenses.

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Encryption to ensure data privacy

Protect sensitive data and maintain data privacy by encrypting content to ensure that you always have full control. Files are encrypted in real-time without impacting user productivity.

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