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Netskope + Mimecast

Netskope and Mimecast partner to provide a joint solution that addresses modern cloud and email security challenges and secures your data regardless of user location, application, or device type.

Email is the most commonly used attack vector today

While collaboration tools are increasingly adopted and present new challenges for IT Security teams, traditional email communications cannot be overlooked and left unprotected. Industry experts agree that email is the most commonly used attack vector today. Netskope and Mimecast provide security solutions that can help.

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Netskope with Mimecast

Netskope, the leading security cloud company, provides deep visibility and granular control of cloud applications and the web, as well as advanced data and threat protection.


Mimecast, the leading email security company, supplies comprehensive email security, data protection and threat intelligence that complements Netskope and empowers common customers with enhanced protection, shared threat intelligence, and integrated workflows to optimize their security posture and operations.


Netskope and Mimecast

Netskope + Mimecast benefits


Prevent data exfiltration through email

Stop sensitive content from being emailed outside of your organization, even between business and personal instances of email.


Protect sensitive content shared in collaboration tools

Control activities that attempt to move sensitive data between cloud apps like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


Protect users from malware and phishing

Detect and stop inbound email attacks and cloud-enabled threats like phishing and malware.


Establish consistent policies

Create and enforce consistent, omni-channel data protection policies across SaaS, IaaS, web, and email.


Maintain an up-to-date security posture

Exchange threat intelligence between solutions to strengthen your security posture and streamline incident response.

Prevent data exfiltration between corporate and personal app instances

Stop malicious insiders from copying sensitive content from business email to personal email accounts.

data exfiltration example between business and personal email accounts

Machine Learning enhances and expedites data protection

Increase efficacy of sensitive data detection using machine learning-enabled classification when viewing email content and attachments, including documents (e.g. patents, tax forms, resumes) and images (e.g. passports, screenshots, whiteboard images) without manual intervention.


Demo-Email DLP

Demo - Email DLP

Demo Video - Netskope + Mimecast Email DLP Configuration (no audio)

Demo Video - Netskope + Mimecast Email DLP Configuration (no audio)

Demo Video - Netskope + Mimecast Threat Intelligence Exchange Configuration (no audio)

Demo Video - Netskope + Mimecast Threat Intelligence Exchange Configuration (no audio)