Security Transformation Playbook

The Security Visionaries podcast is the first in a series of new resources in the Security Transformation Playbook—your guide to the next phase of security and technology transformation in a time of profound change for everyone in business. Digital transformation can’t happen without network and security transformation, and that’s why we consulted hundreds of the industry’s most well regarded, forward-thinking CIOs, CISOs, networking leaders, architects, and practitioners to help us all make the best decisions for our teams, businesses, and society.

NEW - 30 NOVEMBER, 2021
Ep 05: Achieving Security Nirvana

Host Jason Clark chats with Gary Harbison, VP and Global Chief Information Security Officer for Bayer, about what it takes to reach “security nirvana”

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16 NOVEMBER, 2021
Ep 04: Creating a Pipeline of Future Cyber Leaders

Jason Clark is joined by Matthew McCormack, SVP & CISO at GSK, to discuss transformation and helping to grow the next generation of cybersecurity leaders

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02 NOVEMBER, 2021
Ep 03: Discussing the Future of Security Transformation

Host Jason Clark sits down with Emily Heath, Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSign, to discuss security transformation and her industry journey

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19 OCTOBER, 2021
Ep 02: Defining the Principles of Security Transformation

The second half of a two-part discussion of security transformation principles; a discussion with guest Erick Rudiak and members of the Netskope CSO Team

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19 OCTOBER, 2021
Ep 01: Setting the Stage for the Security Transformation Playbook

The first of a two-part discussion of the principles of security transformation, featuring guest Erick Rudiak, SVP and CTO of Northwestern Mutual

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Ep 06: Breaking Down Cyber Emergencies

Host Jason Clark sits down with Dan Lohrmann, Field CISO for Public Sector & Client Advisor at Presidio, to discuss handling cybersecurity emergencies

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