Cloud and BYOD: Perfect Storm for Security Challenges


I recently blogged ( about the nightmare situation I personally pose for the folks in charge of security at my work. The fact that I use cloud apps that my IT team does not know about combined with the way I am consuming these apps on a mobile device that often sits outside of my company’s secure perimeter presents a big security risk. What if the cloud apps I am using are not enterprise ready or perhaps even insecure and I rely on them to store sensitive company data? What if I share private information within the application whether accidentally or even purposely?

The combination of using my mobile device remotely where IT has little to no visibility combined with using non-sanctioned cloud apps presents a perfect storm for security challenges. The explosive growth of mobile is not only fueling the increased growth of the cloud, the two combined are putting pressure on security teams to get their arms around what cloud apps their users are using, what the risks are, and putting in place control mechanisms to limit exposure.

The good news is that Netskope’s Active Platform helps IT and security teams discover what cloud apps their users are using, helps them assess the risk profile for each app, provides deep visibility into how users are using the cloud app, and provides granular policy control to help take on the perfect storm with confidence. Regardless of whether the cloud app is sanctioned or not and regardless of whether the user is using the app from a PC on the network or from a mobile device that is remote, sitting outside of the trusted perimeter.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will dig more into how Netskope Active performs discovery, provides deep visibility, and granular control.