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Cloud and Threat Report

The Netskope Cloud and Threat Report delivers unique insights into the adoption of cloud applications, changes in the cloud-enabled threat landscape, and the risks to enterprise data.

Cloud and Threat Report: February 2021 Edition

Cloudy with a chance of malice


The February 2021 Edition of the Cloud and Threat Report signals a cyclone forecast of more cloud enabled threats. Key findings show that the majority of all malware is now delivered via cloud applications, underscoring how attackers increasingly abuse popular cloud services to evade legacy security defenses putting enterprise data increasingly at risk.


Understand the details why content and context for cloud and web traffic is required for threat and data protection.

Cloud and Threat Report - February 2021

Report Highlights

of web traffic is related to cloud activity

of malware is delivered from the cloud

of malware downloads are malicious Office documents

of users have personal apps on company managed devices

files per month into personal apps for the average user

of apps have a ‘Poor’ Cloud Confidence IndexTM rating

Cloud and Threat Report - February 2021 Infographic

Cloud app usage is on the rise and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this growth to exploit new and existing attack vectors, even from the most trusted and well-known vendors.

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