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Netskope Private Access

Netskope Private Access provides zero trust network access to private applications and data in hybrid IT (public cloud and data center) environments. It is an integral capability of the Netskope Security Cloud and offers seamless connectivity for authenticated users, supports any application and protocol, reduces business risk, and simplifies IT infrastructure.

Secure application access from anywhere

Netskope Private Access provides you with:


  • Zero trust network access to private applications: Protect data and resources with application-level access control based on user identity and device security posture.
  • Seamless and direct access to public cloud(s): Connect remote users directly to applications in public cloud environments – no need to hairpin through corporate infrastructure.
  • Protection for private applications: Ensure that applications hosted in public and private cloud are never exposed to the Internet. Avoid the brand damage, fines, and remediation costs associated with private application breaches.
  • Simplified IT operations: Modernize network architecture and increase security for Internet use using a scalable, cloud-based platform that unifies ZTNA, with cloud security (CASB) and web security (SWG).
Secure application access from anywhere

Key benefits and capabilities


Zero Trust Network Access for private applications

Provide authorized users with access to their applications – not the whole network – and protect private applications and other network assets from malicious insiders or compromised accounts.


Connect directly to public cloud applications

Connect remote workers directly to applications hosted in public cloud and private data centers using Netskope’s globally hosted network of PoPs. This provides an architecturally elegant and low-latency end user experience for accessing private applications.


Phase out legacy VPN remote access

Retire legacy VPN hardware and enable a move towards a cloud-first security architecture. Phase out the capital investment, refresh cycles, and ongoing management costs of VPN appliances.


Protect private applications and resources

Ensure that private applications hosted in public and private cloud are never exposed to the Internet. Avoid brand damage, fines, and remediation costs associated with a breach of a private application hosted in the cloud.


Seamless and transparent user experience

Use a unified, lightweight client, to provide users with simultaneous access to all of their applications deployed across public cloud and data centers without the hassle of connecting and reconnecting to various VPN gateways.


Begin your transformation to a SASE

Use a single administrative console for simplified policy management, analytics and incident investigation for employee use of web, cloud and private applications. Move towards the cloud-based future of network security – Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).


Accelerate your security program with the SASE leader.