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Blog Threat Protection Introducing Advanced Analytics
Oct 27 2020

Introducing Advanced Analytics

Every organization is adopting the cloud, but there are some companies that are reaping a larger number of benefits from cloud transformation than others. Making an effort to adopt the cloud is simply not enough to realize the benefits. The organization that prepares for efficiently managing risk will be able to capture a larger percentage of the benefits than one that has not. This is because cloud applications can be adopted overnight, without IT’s knowledge and at a pace that exceeds the ability of the SecOps teams to address security concerns. As such, the security team is chasing down applications that are already in production.

A more effective approach is to build a security program that’s designed to fully understand the dynamic nature of the organization’s transformation, and use analytics tools to analyze and address risk. To date, this has been a problem that has only been partially addressed on two extremes. On one hand, many organizations rely on manual effort to pry the data points out of their security infrastructure, which is time-consuming and often inflexible. On the other, some organizations rely on external business intelligence tools that are coded by a different IT team, thus creating a codependency that slows down the ability to iterate and investigate security events.

We believe that the solution is to put analytics capabilities into the SecOps team’s hands. This is because application usage, data movement, and threat activity dynamically change requirements on what questions need to be answered. The answers cannot be immutable when the questions are under constant change, and that’s why SecOps teams must be empowered with the ability to draw deep insights out of their own data.

Today, we are introducing Netskope Advanced Analytics, a new addition to the Netskope platform. Advanced Analytics is a business intelligence and big data analytics platform providing organizations with 360° views of their cloud risk posture for apps, users, and data. As an integrated component of the Netskope Security Cloud, organizations can gain insights into cloud and web activity by having the tools to analyze the rich metadata from Cloud XD. This helps the SecOps teams facilitate communication with the stakeholders throughout the organization, such as management, risk and compliance, and the application owners about the current state of risk and measuring metrics for improvement.

With Netskope Advanced Analytics, make informed decisions with the data that you need, formatted in a manner that is consumable with management and application owners. Dashboards are easily customizable with the details that are relevant to your organization.

Predefined dashboards: Netskope Advanced Analytics includes predefined dashboards for operations & executive management. Pre-built dashboards can be further customized and tailored to the specific needs of different stakeholders in your organization. They can also help your security teams stay on the same page with management, by relating the organization’s security situation and risk assessment in plain talk. 

Screenshot of Netskope Advanced Analytics predefined dashboard

Predefined dashboards include:

  • CxO Security and Risk Dashboard
  • Data Risk and Security Dashboard
  • Cloud and SaaS Risk and Usage Dashboard
  • Web and Cloud-Enabled Threats Dashboard
  • and many, many more.

Custom Analytics:  Build your own custom dashboards with complete flexibility using 500+ data fields logged for events and alerts. Events and alerts data include details around site, application, instance, user, activity, file, source/destination, and more. These also include numerous visualization options to see data in different ways, including Bar, Pie, Area, Trend lines, Table, Pivots, Scatter plots, and GeoMap

Today’s security team plays an important role in addressing board-level questions about the organization’s ability to operate in an increasingly data-driven world. As such, we believe that SecOps teams need to be empowered with the ability to deliver insights to the parties that need to understand exactly where the data is and the steps taken to protect applications and users. Netskope Advanced Analytics plays a crucial role in helping organizations eliminate many of the barriers that security teams have for drawing insights out of their cloud and web data.

To learn more about Netskope Advanced Analytics, visit:

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About the author
Brian is responsible for platform and threat product marketing at Netskope. Prior to Netskope, he worked in network security at Palo Alto Networks and data protection at Symantec.
Brian is responsible for platform and threat product marketing at Netskope. Prior to Netskope, he worked in network security at Palo Alto Networks and data protection at Symantec.