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Blog Uncategorized Leading accountancy firm BDO safeguarding data in the cloud
Nov 19 2017

Leading accountancy firm BDO safeguarding data in the cloud

Protecting client data is a top priority for accountancy and business advisory firm BDO.

“The cloud is revolutionizing the way we do business and provide clients with the best services. Our cloud-enabled and cloud-delivered business helps us work faster and discover new channels of increasing outreach with clients. It also means we now have more of our sensitive client data in cloud services. We need to know what it is, and where it is at all times.” – Fraser Dickson, Cyber Security Manager at BDO. Implementing a cloud-first strategy in a highly regulated industry can be challenging. With Netskope and Everycloud, BDO can safely enable the cloud while taking the necessary steps to prevent the loss or non-compliant exposure of their sensitive client data.

Here’s how Netskope is helping BDO:

  • Discover shadow IT, identify hundreds of cloud services used across the business and analyze for their enterprise readiness
  • Protect against the risk of exposure with granular visibility and control over user access and transactions with data in cloud apps
  • Detect and mitigate risky user activity with the ability to identify, block or remediate potentially malicious activity in cloud apps  

“Protecting our client’s data is of utmost importance to our organization. Netskope delivers visibility and control that makes it possible to fully leverage the potential of cloud applications without increasing the risk of sensitive client data or confidential information falling into the wrong hands.”