Netskope Security Cloud – New feature spotlight for September


Prior to Netskope, I worked for a company that was focused on launching innovative new features to the market one to two times per year. The process typically resulted in the delivery of one major software release with several newsworthy features in addition to a minor “dot release”, which included a set of product capabilities that were mostly considered 2nd tier along with miscellaneous bug fixes. Given the relatively long cycles, external product launches focusing on the major release would typically happen once a year and planning would take place many months in advance.

Netskope is different as we follow the mantra of “always be releasing”. Which means that there is always something new to talk about before you have even finished talking about the last cool thing that got released. The result is that we are constantly updating the Netskope Security Cloud with new features and capabilities and delivering more value to our customers on an ongoing basis. While we unveil some of our most innovative products and capabilities as part of product launches we do throughout the year, we are always looking at ways to educate customers, partners and anyone interested in new features and capabilities released on an ongoing basis. To that end, I am excited to introduce this monthly blog post series where we will spotlight a few features from the most recent release.

Feature Spotlight #1: Visibility and control of unmanaged device access to Citrix ShareFile and MS Visual Studio

The first spotlight is tied to expanding our reverse proxy support for two additional application environments, specifically Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft Visual Studio. Reverse proxy is one of many deployment methods supported by Netskope and it is very important when it comes to enabling visibility and control of unmanaged devices accessing sanctioned cloud services.  Netskope currently supports more than 60 different applications through the reverse proxy deployment method.

Adding reverse proxy support for Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft Visual Studio enables real-time visibility and control of unmanaged devices accessing these apps. This also includes the ability to apply comprehensive data protection and threat protection services to mitigate risk associated with data exfiltration and infection from outside threats such as malware and ransomware.

Feature Spotlight #2: Cloud XD support for ChatWork, MS Visual Studio Teams, and AWS DynamoDB

The Netskope Security Cloud acts as a control point between users and the cloud services and websites they are accessing and provides real-time visibility, control, and protection. Patented and built in the cloud, Netskope Cloud XD™ is the brain behind Netskope. Unlike any other technology, Cloud XD understands all inputs (logs, SaaS, IaaS, web) in extreme definition and performs big data analytics on details include user, group, location, device, service, destination, activity, and content in real time. This helps enterprises eliminate the blind spots legacy vendors can’t see and make policy enforcement simple across thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, and millions of websites.

We have extended Cloud XD support for ChatWork, Microsoft Visual Studio Teams, and AWS DynamoDB. Here is an overview of the activities supported with and without DLP and the access methods covered.

Feature Spotlight #3: DLP Weighted Dictionary

Netskope’s award-winning cloud DLP now supports custom keyword dictionaries with per- keyword weighting. This is useful for helping to triage DLP incidents by narrowing in on the most important violations. Instead of simply triggering alerts on keyword occurrences, every keyword in the dictionary will carry a weight (score) and based on the violation, the score will be computed and that will determine the condition to trigger.  Here is an example of a simple 3 steps process:

  1. Import the weighted dictionary file
  1. Build the rule to include the weighted dictionary file
  1. Set threshold by occurrence or aggregated score

If you are an existing customer, please refer to the release notes for additional info about the latest feature releases. Anyone reading this can also contact me directly at [email protected] if you have questions about Netskope products and features.