New Home, Same Wonderful Culture


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to lead our official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Netskope HQ in Santa Clara, California. As you’ll observe from the video, the team had a great time breaking in our new home.

Six years ago I recall packing a single box with my desk belongings from our first office in Palo Alto. It was a big move for our team of 15 who had outgrown the space and were ready to spread our wings a little in our new digs in Los Altos. (I knew it was time when the team was starting to take conference calls from their cars after we’d converted the conference rooms into office space!)

The new office now has room for more than 300 (out of 700+ worldwide) Netskopers to stretch out, collaborate, and welcome our partners and customers. In addition to office space, we now have an executive briefing center for our customers and partners, and the campus comes complete with a gym, a cafe and barbeque area to keep the food diverse and tasty, and plenty of space to carry on our tradition of having “walking meetings” like we used to in downtown Los Altos.

I’m quite proud of the new Netskope home, but the thing I’m most proud of is how much we’ve grown while still maintaining the wonderful culture that every Netskoper lives by. Want to learn more about that? You can find out more here and if you’re interested in coming to work for Netskope, we have several job opportunities for you to consider.