SkopeSight: “Edit” is the top policy violation in cloud finance/ accounting apps

“Edit” is the top policy violation in cloud finance/accounting apps in the Netskope Active Platform.
In the platform, organizations can enforce granular, activity-level policies that enable organizations to take advantage of cloud apps while mitigating risk by limiting certain contextual activities (like “Block users outside of the U.S. from downloading PII content to mobile devices”).
We are intrigued by how policies vary by app category, which tells us that IT and security decision-makers are being thoughtful and nuanced in how they set policy in the cloud (see our latest Netskope Cloud Report for top policy violations by category). Whereas the top violation in cloud storage is “upload,” which may signal a focus on data leakage, an “edit” violation in finance/accounting may be more compliance-related (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley).