Cloud Security Use Case #3: Ensure Social Media Compliance


I recently blogged about the two of the most common cloud security use cases that customers are covering with Netskope. I would like to continue the discussion and talk about use case #3, which is ensuring social media compliance.

Even with all the upside, there are a number of challenges that are impacting the adoption of social media in the enterprise. First, social media promotes transparency and some businesses are not ready to change their culture overnight. The other challenge is the risk associated with sensitive data leaking via social media. What if someone posts or shares something they are not supposed to? What would be the impact to our company if intellectual property was leaked, customer data exposed, or out-of-compliance activities took place? 

Compliance is a real issue whether it is FINRA compliance for financial firms, PCI for retail, or protected health information (PHI) that is connected to HIPAA compliance. Social media makes it very easy to share anything and that anything could be cause for concern depending on the scope of your business. The question is, do you embrace social media in your place of business and reap all the benefits or do you block social media altogether? This is the catch-22 as you ultimately need to make the decision between using social or being safe. What if you could enable the use of social media in your business but do it safely?  This is where a cloud security solution like Netskope can help. Netskope enables enterprises to safely enable social media by giving security teams the granular visibility and control they need to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

If you are evaluating cloud security vendors, here is a rundown of the functional requirements and deployment requirements needed to effectively cover this important use case.

Functional Requirements:

  • Steer social media traffic and decode in real-time activities such as login, logout, upload, download, share, post, and dozens more
  • Custom Cloud DLP rules along with features like custom keyword dictionaries and boolean operators to focus inspection scope
  • Real-time policies with the ability to focus on user groups, specific app categories including social media and apply granular DLP rules covered in the previous step
  • Coaching workflows to help curb the user’s non-compliant behavior

Deployment Requirements:

  • Support for various forward proxy deployment modes for steering hundreds of social media apps for real-time visibility and control

To learn more about this use case, check out our use-case driven cloud security evaluator guide. You can watch a demo video and download an evaluator guide to help you test a cloud security vendor’s ability to effectively cover this use case or any of the common cloud security use cases.