Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Discover and protect sensitive data no matter where it is in your clouds. Prevent data loss, exfiltration and inadvertent public exposure while meeting compliance demands. Enable safe productivity in the web, cloud, and email with Netskope DLP.

Protect your sensitive data with Netskope data loss prevention (DLP)

of users use personal app instances on managed devices and average 20 file uploads each month to personal apps *


* Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2020 & 2021

of users have sensitive data moving between cloud apps *

of this data is involved in DLP violations *

“Email is the most commonly used attack vector…” **




** Gartner Market Guide for Email Security, June 2019

Unmatched 4-in-1 Data Loss Prevention

Netskope provides unmatched, machine-learning enhanced 4-in-1 data loss prevention (DLP) for cloud, web, and email environments to help reduce risk. Our platform accurately and efficiently detects and protects sensitive content no matter where it is. We secure your data no matter where it is and provide informative reports to meet regulatory requirements.

Netskope                       Security Cloud

Security Cloud


Netskopeセキュリティクラウドは、あらゆる場所のあらゆるデバイスからクラウドサービス、ウェブサイト、プライベートアプリにアクセスする際でも、比類なき可視性とリアルタイムデータ、脅威防御を提供します。Netskopeだけがクラウドを理解し、セキュリティチームがデジタルトランスフォーメーションをする際にセキュリティを確保するために必要な保護と速度を、適切なバランスで実現する「データ中心(Data Centric)」のアプローチを採用しています。

Security Cloud



Gain deep visibility into data everywhere

Discover thousands of cloud applications and/or app instances whether managed and unmanaged (shadow IT). Then find, classify, and protect data used by these applications, including data in storage applications and data moving within and between SaaS cloud applications, IaaS cloud services, outbound email and the web.


Stop unintentional or unapproved data movement, even via email

Detect and prevent insider threats like users transferring sensitive data between managed and unmanaged cloud applications and instances. Additionally, Netskope stops data exfiltration from users copying content between business email and personal email accounts (i.e. [email protected] -> [email protected]).


Prevent data exfiltration to unmanaged devices

Safely enable users with personal or unmanaged devices while maintaining productivity. Stop or restrict sensitive data loss to unmanaged or personal devices using fine-grained visibility and control. Go beyond simple ‘allow’ or ‘block’ policy enforcement and restrict activities for users such as viewing, downloading, uploading, posting and more.


Enhance and simplify data protection

Use highly efficient and accurate machine-learning based data scanning and classification of documents (e.g., resumes, patents) and images (e.g., passports, IDs, screenshots) to simplify and expedite DLP operations and incident response.


Coach users in real time on safe behavior

Alert and coach users on data loss risks, including the context of app risk and user risk, when performing activities with the option to proceed or cancel for managed and unmanaged apps, and web sites so business processes can continue.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Meet regulatory compliance mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and PCI-DSS through advanced DLP, granular access controls, audits, reporting, and strong encryption of sensitive data.

Prevent data exfiltration between corporate and personal app instances

Stop malicious insiders from copying sensitive content from business email to personal email accounts.

The top personal apps users upload sensitive data to:

1. Microsoft OneDrive
2. Google Drive
3. Google Gmail
4. iCloud
5. WeTransfer


* Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2021



— セキュリティアーキテクト 、Fortune 100 機器メーカー


Gain full visibility of all your data

Understand where your sensitive data is in your organization. Monitor and protect data in both managed apps and unmanaged cloud apps, web traffic, and email.


Understand data context with Cloud XD™

Discover, monitor and control how data is being used in your organization from an app, web and user perspective. Establish data security policies that are appropriate for your enterprise without hindering productivity.


Enforce policies with advanced data loss prevention (DLP)

Obtain contextual awareness of content being used in the cloud, provide real-time coaching against risky activities, and effectively protect your sensitive data no matter where it is by restricting unauthorized activity.


Effective Remediation

Readily find and respond to policy violations in structured and unstructured data, webmail, social media posts, instant messages, and more. Quickly follow up to DLP violations and incidents with intuitive end-to-end workflows or third-party integrations.


Encryption to ensure data privacy

Protect sensitive data and maintain data privacy by encrypting content to ensure that you always have full control. Files are encrypted in real-time without impacting user productivity.


Global scale and performance with NewEdge

Netskope NewEdge is the world’s largest, highest-performing security private cloud and powers the real-time, inline security services of the Netskope Security Cloud allowing security to be deployed at the edge where and when it’s needed.



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Machine Learning enhances and expedites data protection

Effectively scan and classify sensitive data in documents (e.g. patents, tax forms, resumes) and images (e.g. passports, screenshots, whiteboard images) without manual intervention. (e.g. Machine learning yields 10x accuracy for sensitive data in images over OCR alone)