Security Doesn’t Have to Slow Down Your Network Performance

At Netskope we’re focused on helping you deliver world-class network security and data protection, without performance trade-offs. Let us show you how Netskope allows customers to simplify, modernize and optimize their network to accelerate digital transformation.

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Examine the 5 ways Netskope NewEdge can provide you with real-time security without a performance trade-off

Delivering on network transformation

Networking leaders are under pressure to provide fast access with a superior experience, while delivering on the security mission. Your business can’t afford lost productivity or users bypassing web security controls. That’s why Netskope built NewEdge, the world’s largest, highest-performing security private cloud.


Delivering superior performance and connectivity



Global coverage combined with the fastest, low-latency on-ramps for your users ensures access from anywhere, from any device to NewEdge.


Security without performance trade-off



Through extensive peering and network interconnects, NewEdge delivers a superior user experience – with a full security stack – for web, cloud and SaaS traffic.


Built for resilience



With a highly-elastic, hyperscale architecture with built-in fail-over and backed by our 5-9s SLA, NewEdge ensures web security services are always available.


Flexible deployment options



In addition to the Netskope Client or clientless options for unmanaged devices, NewEdge integrates seamlessly with existing investments including network proxies, web proxies, network firewalls or SD-WAN devices.


Netskope Private Access



Embrace zero trust to modernize network access for on-premise or hosted private applications tailored by the user’s identity and device posture.

Tech Bytes: An IT Punch List For Reopening The Office

If you assume that IT is going to go back to normal as employees return to the office, you may want to rethink that assumption. You can’t just take the office network out of mothballs and expect everything to be fine when employees show up.


On the Tech Bytes podcast, sponsored by Netskope, guest Hansang Bae, Field CTO, shares a punch list of tasks you might want to complete before your end users get back to the office.


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