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Netskope + Okta

Comprehensive data security and access control in today’s multi-cloud world.

Working together at every step of the identity lifecycle

Netskope brings real-time security enforcement bound to identity across SaaS, IaaS, private applications, and websites. Okta facilitates managing and validating user identity for legacy and cloud-based applications. Together we ensure the right people have access to the right applications and data by delivering a security architecture based on the principles of both SASE and Zero Trust.

Netskope + Okta Use Cases


Extending Okta authentication to unmanaged SaaS apps



Okta and Netskope work together to protect sensitive enterprise data and make zero-trust, real-time security a reality. Protect access to cloud applications that are not natively supported by Okta using a Netskope NG SWG real-time policy. NG SWG policies can challenge users to authenticate with Okta when accessing cloud applications and therefore enable zero-trust for any cloud application.


Okta authentication challenge for risky cloud activity



Okta’s SSO or MFA protection doesn’t have to stop at login—the Netskope NG SWG can challenge users for authentication when they perform a high risk action within cloud applications. For example, if a legitimate user is traveling in a risky country or otherwise exhibits unusual behavior, Netskope can suspend the user activity and prompt the user to re-authenticate through Okta before allowing the activity to complete.


Data protection for managed apps accessed from personal devices



An integration with Okta allows Netskope NG SWG policies to provide data protection for managed applications accessed from unmanaged devices. Protect sensitive data by governing the downloading of files by users accessing applications such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, or Salesforce, from personal devices or BYOD.


Okta authentication when securing access to private apps



Together Netskope and Okta can provide an enterprise-class secure remote access solution for remote workers. Secure the remote connection with Netskope Private Access, and authorize access using strong authentication from Okta. A complete Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution for accessing private applications hosted in public clouds and private data centers.


Provisioning users and managing groups using SCIM



Netskope and Okta’s support for ‘System for Cross-domain Identity Management’ (SCIM) enables the users and groups used by Netskope policies to be provisioned and managed automatically from within Okta. For example, temporarily placing a user in a ‘High Risk’ group within Okta can instantly result in additional data protection being enforced by Netskope when that user accesses cloud applications.


Netskope+Okta: Addressing Shadow IT

Netskope+Okta: Addressing Shadow IT

Netskope+Okta: Leveraging Context for Step Up Auth

Netskope+Okta: Leveraging Context for Step Up Auth

Protecting Office 365 with Netskope and Okta

Protecting Office 365 with Netskope and Okta

Netskope with Okta - solution brief

Netskope with Okta

Reimagine your perimeter.