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Web Content Filtering

Enforce acceptable use policies (AUPs) with cloud-based web content filtering for your headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers on company managed devices. You can use predefined categories, custom categories, and categories for apps, security risks, YouTube, and silent ad blocking.

Monitor and enforce acceptable use policies

Netskope provides web content filtering for over 100 categories, covering 200+ languages and 99.9% of the active web. Netskope also provides dynamic web page classifications, custom categories, app categories, YouTube categories, and silent ad blocking, as well as a site lookup tool and reclassification service.

Web filtering for 99.9%
of the active web

Categories and languages

Enforce web filtering for over 100 categories and 200+ languages covering 99.9% of the active web. Cloud-based enforcement can allow, block, and coach users on acceptable use policies for web and app categories, plus YouTube categories.

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Custom categories

Allows you to define your own custom categories, or your own URL include or exclude lists. API-enabled updates for custom categories provide you the ability to automate and schedule updates, as desired.

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Dynamic page classifications

Uses supervised machine-learning analysis to dynamically rate new and unknown web page content for 70 categories. Solution consultants can provide the latest list of languages supported for dynamic page classifications.

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Security risk categories

Prevents known threats and delivers immediate insights into the type of specific security risks, with 15 granular security categories. Examples include: Botnets Security Risk, Phishing/Fraud Security Risk, and Malware Call-home Security Risk.

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Silent ad blocking

Blocks web pages from connecting to ad servers for banners, ads, videos, pop-ups, and other elements, including analytical trackers and widgets from social media. The net result is a more focused user web experience and optimal use of browser space.

Site lookup & reclassification

Enables your administrators or support team to look up specific URLs and websites to view their current category classification and when required, submit requests to the reclassification service. Also, exception list URLs can be monitored and cleaned-up after reclassifications and new, dynamic page classifications.

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Netskope is not just about security cloud apps, they have expanded into web security and zero-trust private access to become our default security cloud vendor.

—Paarin Mehta, Information Security Supervisor, Stroock

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