What is a
Next Gen
Secure Web

Next generation on multiple fronts for a cloud first world including:

  • Cloud native microservices architecture
  • On-demand performance and scale
  • Decodes cloud apps and web traffic for context
  • Applies advanced data and threat protection
  • Protect users for any device or location

55% of sessions are
app and cloud service related in web traffic

This represents one of the biggest blind spots for legacy defenses unable to decode and inspect it. To make matters worse, many enterprises are whitelisting managed cloud services to bypass security defenses – enabling a “red carpet” threat entry or data exfiltration. Plus, the inability to detect data transferring between company and personal cloud app instances or the use of rogue instances for threat delivery adds to the list of blind spots for legacy defenses.

85% of your traffic is in the cloud. Protect it with a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway.

Next Gen SWG protects the enterprise from the growing volume and sophistication of cloud-enabled threats and data theft, ensuring users can safely and securely use cloud apps and the web to go about their business.


NG SWG delivers a variety of advanced cloud visibility features and capabilities:

  • web content filtering with dynamic ratings
  • SSL/TLS decryption with cloud performance and scale
  • cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality to discover, decode and inspect cloud traffic
  • advanced threat protection (ATP) including sandboxing and machine learning-based anomaly detection
  • data loss prevention (DLP) for cloud apps and web traffic
  • insights, rich metadata context for investigations, detailed reporting, and more.
The Netskope Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG) protects the enterprise from the growing volume and sophistication of cloud-enabled threats and data theft, ensuring users can safely and securely use cloud apps and the web to go about their business.



Why the need for a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway?

Simply put, traditional SWGs are no longer effective at safeguarding web and cloud app users or the enterprise from the following:


  • Increasing cloud apps and services, as well as cloud-enabled threats
    Phishing attacks on SaaS and webmail now rank number one over payments and financial targets for modern threats. All stages of the cyber kill chain are now cloud-enabled, including reconnaissance, weaponization, delivery, and call back communications. Business units and users continue to freely adopt new apps and cloud services, amounting to almost 98% of all cloud apps and services in use in today’s enterprises. Legacy SWG solutions are mostly blind to these growing apps and cloud services.


  • Rising data exposure and theft in a cloud-first world
    Over 90% of data created in the cloud happened in the last two years and more than 90% of users are mobile and work remotely. The ability to transfer data between company and personal instances of managed cloud apps, or to another personal cloud app instance, plus using webmail and sharing links is an easy task for any user today. Legacy SWG solutions often lack DLP capabilities, especially for cloud services, web browsers and forms, mobile apps and sync clients.


  • Growing number of remote workers accessing private and public apps and resources
    The digital transformation to cloud and mobile is inverting the legacy security stack to the cloud to better protect an increasing base of remote workers. Legacy SWG appliances force hair-pinning with VPNs to central data centers which is no longer sufficient. Zero trust network access (ZTNA) and secure access service edge (SASE) architectures are the future, and at their core is the cloud-native NG SWG. In this new model, any user, any location, on any device is protected with minimal impact on performance.


Next Gen SWG Checklist

Organizations looking to adopt a Next Gen SWG, should look for a single platform, unified, cloud native solution that:

✔ Leverages true cloud architecture

The solution must be built around cloud-native microservices with fully integrated capabilities, not cloud-hosted separate legacy solutions, for true cloud performance and scale. Also, using a carrier grade private network optimized for first mile, middle mile, and last mile access leveraging peering relationships with global and local cloud service providers is essential for worldwide availability and performance. The resulting cloud service has a minimal performance impact on the user experience, and in some cases, an accelerated experience.

✔ Decodes apps and cloud services

The solution must decode thousands of apps and cloud services alongside web traffic to understand content and context for data and threat protection defenses. The new language is APIs built around JSON for apps, cloud services, and web sites. NG SWG defenses need to understand user, device, location, app, risk, instance, content, and activity for contextual policy controls, plus collecting rich metadata for analytics, investigations and machine learning.

✔ Keeps pace with new attacks

The solution can’t simply protect against known attacks, instead, it should be able to address a wide array of new and emerging threats, including cloud-enabled threats such as cloud phishing, cloud payload delivery, and callback communications. This requires the systematic advantage of decoding apps and cloud services for content and context for advanced threat and data protection defenses, plus machine learning. Cloud-enabled threats leverage trusted domains with valid certificates either passing through legacy defenses or being whitelisted to bypass defenses. Users can maliciously or accidentally transfer data between company and personal instances, or be phished for access credentials in these legacy environments.

Top 6 use cases for a
Next Gen SWG


Monitor and assess

Achieve inline visibility for thousands of managed and unmanaged apps and cloud services, plus web traffic, and unify SWG+CASB+DLP critical capabilities into one platform.

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Granular control

Get real-time, granular control of thousands of cloud apps including the ones led by lines of business and users vs. IT. This enables you to stop the bad stuff from happening and safely enable the good.

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Acceptable use

Incorporate a combination of traditional web filtering covering URL categories, custom categories, and dynamic page ratings for new sites with comprehensive cloud app usage ratings, risks, and acceptable use policies that cover both cloud and web.

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Protect against threats

Protect against malware and advanced threats with advanced defense capabilities from cloud app instance awareness, to pre-execution scripts and macro analysis, bare metal sandboxing, and machine learning-based anomaly detection.

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Protect data everywhere

Follow and protect data everywhere it goes and ensure accurate and precise inspection with advanced capabilities ranging from exact match to fingerprinting with similarity matching.

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Cover direct-to-internet

Eliminate costly back hauling and improve performance for remote offices and users with the NewEdge network infrastructure, optimized for low latency and high capacity worldwide.

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The Netskope
Next Gen SWG

Netskope delivers a cloud native Next Gen SWG solution that provides comprehensive protection from web and cloud-enabled threats. It integrates the Netskope industry-leading CASB, SWG, and DLP capabilities into unified policy controls that protect cloud services, applications, websites and data for any user, location, or device. Built upon the NewEdge global access network optimized for high-performance and maximum user experience.

Next Gen SWG

The Netskope Nex Gen SWG is the foundation of an enterprise’s SASE security infrastructure, isolating risky traffic without impeding broad web access; protecting against known and emerging advanced attacks; and offering custom reporting and rich metadata for ad-hoc queries to ensure ongoing, real-time visibility and protection from the cloud, for the cloud.

Netskope key capabilities


Visibility and control

Achieve unmatched inline visibility and control of web traffic, including thousands of managed and unmanaged cloud services and apps.

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Multi-layer defenses

Prevent and detect a wide variety of threats leveraging cloud services and apps for multi-stage delivery that most defenses miss.

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Advanced data loss protection (DLP)

Use advanced DLP rules and policies to prevent data exposure and leaks across cloud services, apps, and web traffic.

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Advanced web analytics and reporting

Cloud XD synthesizes and distills web activity into user site and page visits to help security teams focus on what they need for investigations.

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Direct-to-internet coverage

Provide direct to internet access for remote offices with IPsec and GRE tunnels, plus remote and mobile users.

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SSL/TLS inspection at cloud scale

Use elastic on-demand cloud resources to inspect encrypted traffic at scale.

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2020 Gartner SWG Magic Quadrant Visionary

Netskope has been named a Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways.

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