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Blog Uncategorized How Berkshire Bank Safely Enables the Cloud with Netskope
Nov 03 2017

How Berkshire Bank Safely Enables the Cloud with Netskope

With over 100 full-service branch offices in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Berkshire Bank continues to grow their network of financial services including banking, insurance and wealth management. In our newest webinar, Ryan Melle, Berkshire Bank VP and Chief Information Security Officer, shares how Netskope has helped enable their growth with safe cloud enablement. Throughout the webinar, Ryan talks about Berkshire’s cloud enablement journey and how Netskope has helped Berkshire on that journey. Ryan takes a deep dive into three specific use cases: Cloud DLP, Granular Access Control Policies, and Netskope for Salesforce and Office 365.

Ryan stated, “We’re just touching on the tip right now of how the tools can give us more visibility and things that we want to do down the road. These three big use cases that we’ve implemented have made the business a lot happier and a lot more agile and it is giving us that confidence now that we have complete control over where all of our data is and where it’s going.”

Check out the full webinar below to learn how Netskope has become an integral part of Berkshire Bank’s cyber risk management.