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Oct 20 2016

Box Security Classification with Netskope

Enterprises around the world and specifically within Netskope’s own customer base are increasingly using content management services as their system of record for content. And Box is the modern content management app of choice for many of our customers, demonstrating its popularity and security. Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with the Box security classification feature that was just launched. This new feature will allow you to design security policies around your security classification strategy to streamline your cloud storage compliance and reduce data leakage risks.

With the security classification feature, you can associate actions with each tag (after defining a set of classification tags for your instance), such as disabling external sharing of the file or displaying a visual banner/message to previewers of the file. Gain granular classification capabilities for confidential files stored in Box and do things like quickly find specific sets of files based on tags for quick eDiscovery.

From the Netskope end, we’re enabling data governance and compliance officers to classify files in bulk and automatically, based on DLP profiles built into security policies or go in and manually classify specific sets of files in Box.

To get this set up for your instance now, get in touch with your Box or Netskope rep.

Learn more about Netskope and Box here.