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Blog News & Announcements Envisioning and delivering stronger, collaborative security from cloud to endpoint
May 22 2018

Envisioning and delivering stronger, collaborative security from cloud to endpoint

Generational wisdom has always held that there is strength in unity. When it comes to security products and defending against malicious actors, every security practitioner would point out that this wisdom is absolutely golden. However, in the competitive corporate world, with security vendors focused on expanding their fiefdoms, the idea of collaboration and partnerships to create customer value tends to get the short end of the stick.

As a cloud-native security platform focused on enabling customers to safely adopt the cloud, Netskope has always prioritized seamless, customer value-driven integrations with a wide ecosystem of technology partners. As the Netskope cloud security platform has evolved over the last few years to secure SaaS, IaaS, and Web, we have built integrations with a host of vendors across Network Security, DLP, Data Classification, Mobile Device Management, SIEM, Information Rights Management, Security Operations, and Orchestration; in addition to the traditional SaaS, IaaS, and Identity provider integrations that CASBs generally support.

Netskope pioneered the idea of Threat Protection as a core requirement for securing cloud services, built the industry’s first cloud threat research labs and delivered the first cloud threat protection solution more than two years ago. As we continued to help our customers securely adopt the cloud, we uncovered opportunities to build unique integrations with Next-gen Antivirus (NGAV) products. With enterprise apps, data, and users moving out of the traditional network, cloud security and improved endpoint security have become key focus areas for security teams. As endpoint security came under a renewed spotlight, it has led to a significant disruption of the market segment in recent years and resulted in legacy endpoint security vendors being outsmarted and replaced by a new generation of NGAV and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Remediation) products geared towards addressing modern enterprise security needs.

As a cloud security platform for SaaS, IaaS, and web, Netskope delivers comprehensive visibility into activities across cloud services and web traffic, whether users are on-premises or remote/mobile. Similarly, NGAV and EDR vendors have comprehensive visibility into activities across all endpoints. By tying these two vantage points together and exchanging intelligence on malicious activities, customers get a comprehensive view of threats and can respond more quickly and effectively. Netskope built and delivered a first-of-its kind integration with an endpoint vendor more than a year ago, which has been recognized as a strength by industry analysts.

Outside the world of security, modern products like Slack have shown how seamless ecosystem integrations drive customer value and user delight. Netskope shares a similar philosophy of delighting customers with integrations that strengthen their enterprise security posture. Leadership in the modern world demands better collaboration. At Netskope we have internalized this philosophy and are delivering on it.

In the coming weeks we will spend more time talking about each of our integrations with the leading endpoint security vendors. We look forward to your thoughts on additional use cases.