Introducing Continuous Security Assessment for Google Cloud Platform


If you are like many enterprises, moving workloads to public cloud environments like Google Cloud Platform presents risks tied to data loss. Recent data breaches have proven that the primary source of these data breaches is a result of misconfigurations that have led to the inadvertent exposure of data to the internet. To help enterprises mitigate this risk, I am excited to share that Netskope recently announced Continuous Security Assessment for Google Cloud Platform. This new solution extends existing continuous security assessment support for AWS and Azure to GCP.

The continuous security assessment monitors and audits GCP configurations and uses the CIS benchmark and GCP best practices to identify misconfigurations and provide guided remediation steps. The result is that you improve your security posture and ensure compliance, ultimately helping you mitigate risk tied to data loss tied to misconfigurations.

Built on the Netskope Security Cloud, Netskope for Google Cloud Platform is part of a holistic cloud security solution that takes a one cloud approach to provide visibility, control, and protection for SaaS, IaaS/PaaS, and web. From identifying configuration drift with out-of-the-box best practices and configuration checks to compliance reporting and continuous discovery and inventory of cloud resources, Netskope provides customers with robust protection across their public cloud environments. Get the security needed to keep sensitive data safe while experiencing the benefits that cloud computing offers.

You can read more about Continuous Security Assessment for Google Cloud Platform in our press release or by watching our demo video.