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Jul 25 2019

Introducing Netskope’s NewEdge

At Netskope we believe that customers have been forced to make a false tradeoff between security and performance. With today’s announcement, the Netskope NewEdge, is a globally distributed set of network, compute and storage that supports and enables the Netskope cloud-native security platform to deliver real-time security without the traditional security and performance trade-off. NewEdge serves as the network foundation for the Netskope platform as well as an enabler for current and future Netskope solutions, including Netskope for SaaS, Netskope for IaaS, Netskope for Web, and Netskope for Private Access.

Netskope’s NewEdge infrastructure is designed to remedy some of the biggest issues businesses face when it comes to safely enabling access to IT-led and unsanctioned SaaS applications, cloud services, and the web. Specifically, creating optimal secure paths for users to access their organization’s applications and data, no matter where they are in the world, without impacting performance and getting in the way of end user productivity. 

Consider the state of the current workforce. As companies expand, their teams tend to spread across the globe and further away from traditional on-premises data centers. Connecting to these data centers from distant locations requires their employees to take unpredictable routes over the public internet and traverse a large number of networks without any guarantees on latency, jitter or packet loss. This leads to increased latency and lackluster network performance. In fact, it’s these sorts of performance issues that are often cited by businesses as a knock against adopting cloud solutions. Many of the paths that users take are also outside of the traditional security perimeter, and without the real-time security controls that traditionally have only been deployed on-premises; potentially exposing employees to threats.

With all this in mind, Netskope NewEdge is the world’s largest private cloud-native security infrastructure, designed and built for the modern, cloud-first world to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional hub and spoke enterprise network. It is designed to provide the lowest latency, highest quality and most optimal route to connect users and the applications they use with industry-leading security.   

Netskope NewEdge does this by using state-of-the-art points of presence (POPs) spread globally to create more efficient routes to cloud services. We are on track to have 50 POPs deployed by the end of 2019, all of them high-capacity, high-bandwidth POPs with full local access, capable of up to 100 terabits-per-second (Tbps). This means an employee working from Mumbai, Johannesburg or Kyoto can have a seamless, undisrupted, high-performance connection to any cloud service or web site that they are trying to access.

These POPs are hosted in highly secure carrier-neutral facilities. This approach offers more security and better performance than our competitors, who often deploy a few servers in a shared rack at a hosting provider and call that a POP. Others deploy their “POPs” in public cloud service providers. Unlike many of our competitors, Netskope doesn’t rely on hosting providers or cloud service providers for performance sensitive real-time end-user traffic. NewEdge is a true private cloud, which allows for better control over the routes end users take, making sure they have a secure, seamless connection every time, from anywhere. 

We can attribute this performance-optimized, highly-reliable and industry-disrupting global infrastructure and architecture to the seasoned team behind the Netskope NewEdge project – Netskope’s Platform Engineering organization. They have decades of experience scaling some of the world’s largest systems and networks and are responsible for the design and build-out of the Netskope NewEdge global infrastructure.

Businesses are often faced with having to choose between performance or security. They could either use a highly secure, albeit cumbersome and costly, MPLS network or VPN to connect to their organization’s offices and data centers. Or they could use a local public internet connection that lacks real-time security controls, that takes the end user far outside of the security perimeter, exposing the organization to serious threats. Clearly, both options can wind up causing your organization issues. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other! 

The Netskope NewEdge infrastructure and network offers optimal performance with maximized security, meaning organizations no longer need to make that tradeoff.

This innovative infrastructure allows the ability to implement necessary real-time security controls without sacrificing a user’s experience. NewEdge allows for better visibility into where the network bottlenecks are, with the tools to help improve the user experience. This is leaps-and-bounds ahead of competitive products that overly rely on the unoptimized public internet, which means they often can’t offer comparable high-performance real-time security controls. Not to mention their POPs are often only in high network traffic, population-dense areas, meaning they still aren’t doing much to help latency issues many remote employees are likely facing if they’re a bit more off-the-beaten-path.

Lastly, NewEdge serves as the foundational infrastructure for all Netskope products. You can trust that its benefits of high-performance, greater availability, and optimal security will extend to your organization when using our products.

Netskope NewEdge is here to enable organizations with cloud-based ambitions to grow and allow their increasingly remote workforce optimal connectivity while providing them with the tools to protect their organization’s valuable data and assets.

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About the author
Jason Hofmann is a seasoned technology executive with 20 years of experience. As VP of Platform Architecture and Services at Netskope, Hofmann leads the platform architecture and platform services teams. In addition to focusing on building out the global Netskope security cloud, called NewEdge, Hofmann and his team lead all aspects of platform architecture and work closely with customers to ensure delivery of a truly world-class service experience.
Jason Hofmann is a seasoned technology executive with 20 years of experience. As VP of Platform Architecture and Services at Netskope, Hofmann leads the platform architecture and platform services teams. In addition to focusing on building out the global Netskope security cloud, called NewEdge, Hofmann and his team lead all…