Introducing visibility and control for Exchange email from mobile devices


Introducing visibility and control for Exchange email from mobile devices

One of Netskope’s core differentiators in the cloud access security broker (CASB) market is the fact that our architecture provides unprecedented visibility into your organization’s cloud app traffic. Whether it is a sanctioned cloud app suite such as Office 365, a cloud storage app like Box, or any of the hundreds or potentially thousands of unsanctioned cloud apps running in your environment, Netskope provides the visibility you need to govern usage. Our philosophy is simple: You can’t govern what you can’t see.

Mobile cloud app traffic is one of the areas that many CASB vendors are blind to. This is an important gap – according to the Fall 2014 Netskope cloud report, nearly half of all cloud app activities originate from a mobile device. In addition, one third of all DLP policy violations occur on mobile devices. Other CASB vendors only support browser-based mobile traffic coming from a sanctioned app. They are blind to unsanctioned cloud app usage on mobile devices, as well as blind to native mobile apps. Who uses browser-based apps from a mobile device? This is a major limitation of their architecture. Netskope on the other hand was architected from the ground up to provide deep visibility into a variety of cloud app traffic and this includes native apps as well as unsanctioned apps on mobile devices.

I am happy to share that with the latest release of the Netskope Active Platform, we are expanding our cloud app traffic coverage even more to cover the ActiveSync protocol via mobile devices. With this release, Netskope now offers the industry’s first solution that provides visibility and control over Exchange email traffic involving mobile devices. This includes finding sensitive data in the email body and within attachments. The result is the ability to get visibility, govern usage, and mitigate risk associated with mobile users using your corporate email system. Combine this with the ability to cover all cloud usage taking place with users on-premises, mobile, and even remote and you now have 360 degree cloud usage coverage with Netskope.

If you are a current Netskope customer, you now have access to this feature in your tenant. Please reference the release notes for more information. If you are not yet a Netskope customer, please feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) and I would love to give you a demo of our platform.