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Blog Behind the Scenes Life @ Netskope with Zach Jaca
Jul 17 2018

Life @ Netskope with Zach Jaca

In this edition of Life @ Netskope, we talk to Zach Jaca, Mid-Market Account Executive. During his three years at Netskope Zach has been an advocate for company culture and activities, he’s someone who is always willing to help or volunteer and when we’re lucky he brings in two of our favorite office pups, Tom and Jerry.

What made you choose Netskope?

I interviewed with Netskope straight out of college after being referred in by a recruiter and got a great feeling about it. I started off with a phone interview which was actually during my finals week and then that Friday I came for an in-person interview. I ended up starting at Netskope the following Monday. The interview process was fun, and since I was straight out of college I was very excited and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to roll into.

Tell us about one of your best memories or coolest experiences at Netskope.

I would say our annual Sales Kickoff has always been great. Having a week to meet with the field reps and other professionals that have traveled from all over the world to come to speak and learn about more about Netskope and just having the time to connect with those individuals. It’s nice to have a relaxed social environment with coworkers and mentors; it’s always been a fun event.

What was your first day like?

My first day was mainly just working to understand what we do, trying to understand the platform and get a better idea of what Netskope was. But over the few years, I’ve definitely got a better understanding although there’s still plenty to learn.

What was something that stood out to you during the interview process?

My first look at Netskope was when I met with Jin who was the Director of Inside Sales and Sales Operations at the time, and I connected with him immediately. But during my interview process, what really stood out was the energy that everyone had within the office, everyone seemed happy, excited to be there and like they were there for a purpose. It was very contrary to what you picture an office job looking like, especially fresh out of college.

What’s a project you’ve worked on at Netskope that you’re proud of?

A project I’m very proud to have been involved in was the beginning stages of creating the mid-market position. Helping to develop that role and the market, and then from there, working to flesh out and growing this new team. To be able to have played such a huge part in creating this new role of Mid-Market Executive and then moving into it is rare experience and something I am happy Netskope trusted me to do.

What is your favorite thing about Netskope and why?

This might sound corny but without a doubt, it’s the people here at Netskope. I’ve met nothing but great people here and I feel like we attract a huge variety of talent and great energy because we put that out. I think if you asked anyone here about life at Netskope they would say they consider themselves lucky to work here and come into this environment on a daily basis.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

This is a tough one. I would say going to Tokyo, which I’m actually doing next month! I’m meeting up with some fellow Netskopers while I’m there. I’m pretty excited about it, I just kind of planned a trip out of nowhere, just thought I’d treat myself to a quick visit, I can’t wait.