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Dec 03 2013

Netskope Just Give Wraps Up

Most of the time I’m quite caught up in my day-to-day. Take the kids to school, manage a stop for the team at Peet’s and then off to the races with my fellow Netskopers. The office is bustling and we’re making the world a better place through the safe use of cloud apps!

It’s all very important until I realize that it isn’t.

The headlines start coming in. 5,000+ lives lost and thousands more devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Imagery that shakes you as you think about your own loved ones. Details about entire families that will never be heard from again. Stories about a village completely lost — it’s hard to take and it’s a harsh way to gain perspective.

We just wrapped up a program to raise money for the World Food Programme where we asked folks to help raise awareness about the victims of the terrible tragedy in the Philippines. Netskope donated $5 for every person who helped spread the word about the program. And while it was a modest amount of money in the end, we’re glad we did it. For those who helped, thanks!

Finally, just because our program is over, it doesn’t mean we need to stop. So, as one final reminder, here are some ways you can help out. Learn more about the World Food Programme and donate now online.

And with the holidays upon us, remember that we must keep up the fight against hunger:

  • Donate groceries, prepared foods, backyard produce, and money to your local food bank
  • Volunteer in your local food bank
  • Learn about hunger in your area, in the United States, and around the world