News & Announcements Netskope and VMWare Workspace ONE integration – Launch and Take-off!
Aug 29 2018

Netskope and VMWare Workspace ONE integration – Launch and Take-off!

Netskope is excited to be an inaugural member of the VMWare Workspace ONE Trust network. Together, we have tied innovative cloud-based actions to endpoint intelligence. As a follow-up to our March blog post when the program was announced, we are particularly pleased to be a part of the Workspace ONE launch at VMWorld 2018.

As the program goes live, it’s worth a quick recap. Netskope’s award-winning cloud security platform provides active detection, and policy-based prevention of abnormal, unacceptable, and dangerous behavior initiated between the user/device and the cloud. VMWare’s powerful Workspace One platform now ingests that customer-specific information and leverages it to trigger intelligent, proactive responses to VMWare-managed endpoint posture. Netskope has always been a proponent of tighter integration between the cloud & endpoint and this partnership with VMWare furthers our vision of delivering stronger collaborative security.

This integration means that a VMWare administrator can establish parameters for safe cloud usage from managed endpoints. Netskope policy can also look for the presence of Airwatch endpoint software as a criteria for policy matches. In total, Netskope and VMWare’s integration allows for a more powerful end-to-end security posture.

Here’s an example of how these two solutions may now work together:

The security administrator has configured its Netskope tenant to permit only proxied user and device combinations running Airwatch software to access sensitive cloud applications and data. The security admin has also configured Workspace One to look for certain actions, seen or performed by Netskope, as triggers to facilitate the isolation of the user from the device, quarantine of the files, applications, or device, wiping the device, or re-authenticating – just to name a few outcomes. Thus, the managed device becomes another point of enforcement to tie cloud-based behavior to device-based access.

In summary, with this integration, Netskope Cloud Security platform further enhances the capabilities that Workspace ONE Trust Network sets out to accomplish to reduce risk to the enterprise by safely enabling cloud usage, protecting sensitive data, and preventing or remediating modern-day cybersecurity threats. With its launch, we look forward to the safe enablement of cloud usage by VMWare customers.