Uncategorized How do you use your Netskope and TITUS Deployments?
Mar 12 2018

How do you use your Netskope and TITUS Deployments?

Companies need to ensure that documents are appropriately and explicitly allowed to be shared with external users based on their sensitivity across all architectures and wherever that content is sourced or destined as a best business practice. Netskope and TITUS interoperate seamlessly to leverage each of our award-winning data classification and data loss prevention technologies to ensure cloud data adheres to corporate data governance.

How does it work?

A TITUS endpoint user manually or automatically marks documents according to the sensitivity and governance practice. Netskope policy is configured to look for the classification metadata regardless of how data is shared (upload, download, across API) or where it is stored and to take appropriate action to prevent loss, quarantine or tombstone files, and notify administrators.

What about use cases?

For example, an end user wants to share her quarterly earnings report with a business associate from a different company. Upon its creation inside Microsoft Office 365, TITUS automatically marks the document as confidential and internal-only. As the end user attempts to then share the document with a different person with an external email address, Netskope’s DLP policy engine detects a violation and prevents the link from being generated. The user is then given a coaching message letting her know what she did wrong and who to contact if the block was in error.

As another example, a US end user wants to download a document containing PII information about German customers that was already classified as containing PII by TITUS. The download is blocked and the user coached that the information cannot be shared without proper access.

The integration combines best-of-breed technologies to reduce false positives and negatives, resulting in a globally consistent, “always secure” data governance policy while enabling users to do business wherever and whenever required. TITUS provides accurate identity to files which enables the explicitly sharing mention described. Netskope provides the security policy to ensure that information is shared as appropriate to the sensitivity.

How do you plan to use your Netskope and TITUS deployments? Please tell us in comments below.