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Netskope Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for SSE Report

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Release 81 Security Advisory

Netskope Client Stack Buffer Overflow


Security Advisory ID: NSKPSA2020-004

Version: 1.0

Status: Unpublished

Last Modified: 15th December, 2020


Who should read this documentTechnical and Security Personnel
Impact of VulnerabilityBuffer overflow leading to dos and potential code execution
Severity RatingCritical
Overall CVSS ScoreCVSS 7.5
RecommendationsVerification of update to the latest release of the Netskope Client
Security Advisory ReplacementNone
Affected SoftwareNetskope Windows Client for Windows Release R80 and before.
Updated Software VersionNetskope Client for Windows Release R81
Special Notes and AcknowledgementsOptiv Application Security Team found this as part of a paid engagement for threat modeling and exploitation of the Netskope client update.
CWE ReferenceCWE-121: Stack-based Buffer Overflow


This update resolves an issue within the Netskope Client where a stack-based buffer overflow was identified.


This Release/patch remediates the following issues: CVE-TBD


Affected Components
Netskope Client for Windows R80 and before are deployed and being used.


This vulnerability was triaged, validated, and fixed by Netskope. Customers should review the criticality of the vulnerability against their patch and maintenance processes and evaluate Release 81 of the client.




Special Notes and Acknowledgement
Netskope credits the Optiv Application Security Team for finding this defect as part of a paid engagement for threat modeling and exploitation of the Netskope client update.


This security Advisory was written by the Product Security Incident Response Team, Netskope, Inc.




What is affected by this security vulnerability?
Netskope Client for Windows R80 and earlier.


Do I need to Update Immediately?
Yes, Netskope recommends that all customers run the latest version of the software and evaluate this notification with other existing controls to make a determination. Netskope also recommends that customers use the CVSS v3.1 extended scoring or OWASP vulnerability criticality scoring tools to support their decision.


Affected Versions
Any Netskope Client deployment on Windows before R81.


Protected Versions
Netskope Client R81 or later. Netskope recommends that all customers verify that they have applied the latest updates.


What issues does this release and/or patch address?
The release includes the fix for the reported issue as well as other items which can be found within our release notes: Netskope Support Release Notes Link


How do I know if my Netskope WebUI is vulnerable or not?
The product and version can be found by navigating to the Netskope Client, Right-click, and seeing the “About”. An example is below:


What has Netskope done to resolve the issue?
Netskope has released a new release to address this security flaw.


Where do I download the fix?
Please visit the release notes on


How does Netskope respond to this and any other security flaws?
Netskope has a private bug bounty program as well as the following public guidance for reporting concerns and issues from the research community which can be found at In addition, Netskope follows a documented triage, remediation, and testing process for any reported items.


How do I find out about security vulnerabilities with your products?
Please review the release notes and security advisories on


How was this found?
Netskope credits the Optiv Application Security Team for finding this defect as part of a paid engagement for threat modeling and exploitation of the Netskope client update.


Support Website:

Contacts: [email protected], [email protected]