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Press Release
January 28, 2014

Netskope Unveils Netskope Active™ for Real-time Control of Any Cloud App, Not Just Ones IT Manages

Leader in cloud app analytics and policy enforcement introduces real-time and context-aware cloud DLP, encryption and anomaly detection

LOS ALTOS – Jan. 28, 2014 –Netskope™, the leader in real-time cloud app analytics and policy enforcement, today announced the availability of Netskope Active, the industry’s only platform that provides context-aware cloud data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and anomaly detection in real time for any cloud app, whether the app is managed by IT or not. Created to help enterprises unmask “Shadow IT” usage and enforce policies that protect sensitive information and prevent data loss, Netskope Active improves compliance with data governance rules across industries while supporting the use of cloud apps that enable employees to get their jobs done. Netskope also announced today the release of the second Netskope Cloud Report, a quarterly account of enterprise cloud app usage.

While employees at enterprises use hundreds of cloud apps to do their jobs more effectively, IT is aware of only 10 percent of these apps and has administrative capabilities over an even smaller subset. This situation has created significant cloud data security risk and compliance issues. Unlike solutions that provide control for a handful of cloud apps that are already known and managed by IT, Netskope is the first to offer control for any enterprise cloud app. Netskope Active gives IT the real-time visibility, deep analytics, and policy enforcement needed to confidently embrace cloud computing. Netskope’s solution works whether users are on the corporate network or remote, on a PC or mobile device, and using a web-based or native app.

According to the Netskope Cloud Report, 77 percent of cloud apps are not enterprise-ready. Nearly 3,000 cloud apps in use today are analyzed by Netskope and captured in the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™, a comprehensive database that assesses cloud apps’ enterprise-readiness based on objective criteria adapted from Cloud Security Alliance guidance. With a complete view of cloud app usage, enterprises can make smarter decisions and set guidelines and policies that don’t unnecessarily restrict employees while preventing data loss and avoiding unnecessary exposure that could put the business at risk.

“I talk with IT leaders daily about the ever-growing need for meaningful analytics and policy enforcement over the thousands of cloud apps that people are bringing into the enterprise.” said Jim Reavis, Founder and CEO of The Cloud Security Alliance. “Netskope’s ability to do these things in real-time for cloud apps is something that will make a profound difference for companies and their employees alike.”

“We give IT decision makers the information they need to say ‘yes’ and empower the business. For Netskope Active Cloud DLP, we wanted that ‘yes’ to target the real problem — the apps employees use that IT doesn’t know about.” said Sanjay Beri, founder and CEO, Netskope. “It’s easy to say, ‘Don’t allow the upload of personal health information to Dropbox,’ but frankly speaking, that covers less than one percent of the cloud storage apps in the market today. With Netskope, you can say that for any app, any category, or globally, and you don’t have to track down and configure each app to do it.”

Features and Details

The Netskope Active Platform has been expanded from real-time analytics and policy enforcement to include context- and activity-aware Active Cloud DLP, Active Encryption, and Anomaly Detection. This means companies can get granular control over any cloud app , whether IT manages it or not. Examples of such apps include Amazon Web Services, Atlassian JIRA, Box, Concur, EasyVista, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, GitHub, Google Drive, Huddle, Jive, Marketo, Prezi,, SuccessFactors, SugarCRM, Twitter, WebEx, Workday, Yammer, Zendesk, and many more.

  • Active Cloud DLP provides context- and activity-aware content classification and policy enforcement. Netskope addresses this problem with the industry’s only solution that can enforce granular DLP policies across any cloud app. With its API-level understanding of app activities and rich context around user, location, time, device, OS, and other details, Netskope Active Cloud DLP lets IT take action on the most relevant data to maximize coverage while minimizing false positives and false negatives. Netskope allows IT to coach users when policies have been invoked so they’re aware of the policy violation and can take corrective action. This builds trust by educating users, creating transparency about enterprise security and policies, and making users part of the process. Netskope Active DLP can be used to set policies such as, “Block the upload of personal health information to any cloud storage app. Coach people about our PHI policy” or “Alert IT if people in Corporate Finance download ‘confidential’ documents to mobile devices.” Since Netskope normalizes activities such as “upload,” “download,” and “share” across apps, enterprises can set DLP policies once and have them enforced in real-time across any app.
  • Active Encryption (offered in Spring 2014) is context- and activity-aware enterprise encryption for cloud apps. IT can manage encryption keys on-premises or securely in the customer’s tenant instance in the cloud, and can manage those keys within corporate policies such as key rotation and expiry.
  • Context-aware Anomaly Detection helps IT and security professionals identify previously unknown behaviors that can signal a potential security event or data breach. The Netskope Active Platform provides a set of pre-defined Anomaly Detection templates as well as the ability for customers to quickly build their own. For example, if someone in the “Insiders” group begins sharing at three times normal volume within cloud apps, IT could be alerted or set a policy to block the activity in real-time.

Pricing and Availability
Netskope Active and Netskope Active Cloud DLP are available now. Netskope Active Encryption will be available later this spring. Pricing is on a subscription basis per user per year.

About Netskope
Netskope™ is the leader in cloud app analytics and policy enforcement. Only Netskope eliminates the catch-22 between being agile and being secure and compliant by providing complete visibility, enforcing sophisticated policies, and protecting data in cloud apps. The Netskope Active Platform performs deep analytics and lets decision-makers create policies in a few clicks that prevent the loss of sensitive data and optimize cloud app usage in real-time and at scale, whether IT manages the app or not. With Netskope, people get their favorite cloud apps and the business can move fast, with confidence.

Netskope is headquartered in Los Altos, California. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @Netskope.