Malware and ransomware propagate in the cloud

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Cloud malware and ransomware

Malware has been around for decades, evolving from early viruses shared using floppy disks to the wide array of malware today that is spread across a variety of channels. As more organizations adopt cloud services for collaboration and sharing, these new services attract the attention of malicious actors seeking new methods to deliver malware and amplify its effects. Ransomware, a particularly damaging form of malware, can spread quickly through cloud services via their synchronization and sharing capabilities, creating a dangerous fan-out effect.

As new malware variants, including ones carrying a ransomware payload, emerge and increasingly target cloud services, new solutions are needed to close the gaps in existing security solutions. Netskope is the only cloud access security broker with comprehensive protection against malware for cloud services, combining a unique cloud vantage point with multi-layered malware detection and remediation capabilities. Netskope sees cloud traffic that other security solutions cannot, such as sync clients, mobile apps, and SSL-encrypted cloud services, opening your eyes to malware hiding in your cloud services.

Key Features

Full visibility

Gain full visibility of your cloud services with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all cloud traffic whether users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. Inspect files stored in your sanctioned cloud services, as well as files en route to any cloud service, even those using SSL-encrypted connections.

  • See traffic from sanctioned or unsanctioned services
  • Gain visibility whether users are on premises or remote
  • Cover browsers, sync clients, and mobile apps
  • Reveal threats hiding in SSL-encrypted cloud services

From static anti-virus analysis and heuristics to dynamic sandbox analysis and machine learning, Netskope provides multiple layers of protection against malware and other advanced cloud threats. We also dynamically update our protection using proprietary cloud threat intelligence.

  • Gain proprietary threat intelligence from Netskope Threat Research Labs complemented by 40+ external sources
  • Detect and protect against threats using advanced machine learning
Rapid response

Your threat response needs to move faster than ever to keep pace with the speed of the cloud. Netskope enables you to take immediate, automated action on known or suspected threats as well as thoroughly analyze and quickly remediate new cloud threats. Moreover, we arm the rest of your security infrastructure with cloud threat intelligence through third-party integrations.

  • Block or quarantine threats in real time
  • Use detailed cloud context for forensic investigations
  • Remediate directly in key cloud services to stop and even reverse threats
  • Integrate with other security tools to share cloud intelligence and coordinate defenses
Ransomware defense

With the rapid rise of ransomware in the cloud, you need a new approach to safeguard data. Netskope has developed innovative technology to detect unauthorized encryption due to ransomware and quickly restore affected files to previous versions stored in the cloud.

  • Examine files stored in sanctioned cloud storage services
  • Analyze 70+ file dimensions to detect unauthorized encryption
  • Take advantage of automated workflow to quickly restore affected files

Cloud threat protection in action

Learn how Netskope protects you from cloud-based malware such as ransomware

In this video, we show you how you can inspect your sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services for a broad range of malware, and take immediate action to protect your organization against malware.


Cloud vantage point

With cloud traffic often bypassing existing security solutions, cloud malware can easily hide in your sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services. Effective protection against malware and ransomware in the cloud starts with visibility into all cloud traffic, whether users are on premises or remote, whether they are using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client, and whether or not the traffic is SSL encrypted.

Defense in depth

Cloud malware comes in many forms and evolves rapidly, from quick-hitting ransomware to advanced persistent threats. Effective malware protection requires multiple layers of protection, from static anti-virus analysis and heuristics to dynamic sandbox analysis and machine learning. Your protection also needs to be continuously updated with the latest cloud threat intelligence.

Threat response

The cloud can both accelerate the spread of malware and amplify its effects. To keep pace with the cloud, your threat response needs to move faster than ever. Wherever possible, deploy automated controls to quickly block or quarantine suspected malware. In addition, inject important cloud usage information into your forensic investigations for a thorough analysis of any malware outbreaks.

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