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SSL/TLS Decryption Appliance Challenges

Ensure your SSL/TLS decryption can keep pace with today’s dynamic, multi-cloud environments. Traditional SSL/TLS decryption appliances deployed on premises are blind to traffic in cloud services and applications.

SSL/TLS decryption for cloud-first enterprises

Netskope provides a high-performance, cloud-native SSL/TLS decryption solution that is unlimited in its scale and capacity to support multi-cloud environments. Based on the Netskope Security Cloud platform, Netskope SSL/TLS decryption offers selective inspection of encrypted traffic based on granular policies to expose and stop malicious traffic.

Netskope SSL/TLS decryption


Cloud-native and scalable

As over 84% of cloud and web traffic runs over HTTPS, SSL/TLS inspection is imperative for protecting your organization and reducing risk. Netskope designed and built its cloud platform to handle 100% SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic and provides high-performance inspection with minimal latency to effectively protect your critical information while exposing threats and malware.


Full traffic inspection

Netskope decrypts all SSL/TLS-encrypted cloud services in use. Unlike a “Man-in-The- Middle” (MITM) design, Netskope uses a certificate which is in the trust chain of the enterprise’s certificate authority (CA), which is downloaded and installed on all end user devices accessing cloud services through Netskope.


Trusted proxy

Netskope manages the SSL/TLS connections from end-users to Netskope and proxies the TLS connection from Netskope to all cloud services and web sites, including native TLS 1.3 support.


Granular Control

Netskope inspects the decrypted app, cloud service, or web traffic with Netskope Cloud XDTM and applies any matching policies, which results in activity-level policy enforcement that allows security teams to get fine-grained control over app, cloud service, or web use.


Latest standards support

Netskope uses the highest cipher strength, using industry-standard TLS versions 1.3, 1.2, and 1.1. Netskope checks the validity of app, cloud service, and website certificates and enforces expired or invalid certificates.


No hardware changes

The Netskope cloud-based platform simplifies SSL/TLS inspection and requires no hardware upgrades or maintenance for selectively decrypting network traffic.


Reimagine your perimeter.