Our Team of Cloud Security Experts

We are a team of professionals who came together to solve a big challenge. We believe in making high quality products and treating our customers right. That’s the bottom line.


Sanjay Beri


Sanjay Beri brings nearly two decades of innovation, experience, and success in networking and security technology, and a unique business sense, to his role as founder and CEO of Netskope. He has held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Ingrian Networks, McAfee and numerous other companies.

Coffee notes: Sanjay has the unique habit of never drinking coffee.

Netskope Team-Rajneesh Chopra

Rajneesh Chopra

Vice President, Product Management

As a thought leader in Internet security, Rajneesh is vice president of product management at Netskope. He previously held senior level positions at Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems.

Coffee notes: Rajneesh is currently powered by Peet’s Café Domingo.


Abhay Kulkarni

Vice President, Engineering

Abhay Kulkarni brings more than a decade of leading technical teams to Netskope. As senior director of engineering for Symantec’s NortonCloud, Abhay led a large, distributed, yet scrappy team that delivered award-winning security and backup solutions.

Coffee notes: Abhay supercharges his day with handcrafted Ethiopian coffee.

Netskope Team-Jamie Barnett

Jamie Barnett

Vice President, Marketing

From her experience in various management roles at Zenprise, Citrix, McAfee, RSA Security and InfoArmor, Jamie Barnett brings more than 15 years of experience to Netskope as the vice president of marketing.

Coffee notes: Jamie fuels her relentless energy with Peet’s House Blend.

Netskope Team-Ravi Ithal

Ravi Ithal

Chief Architect

Ravi Ithal brings more than a decade of experience to Netskope as chief architect. Previously, Ravi helped build the world’s first app and user-aware next generation firewall at Palo Alto Networks and held several key roles at Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems.

Coffee notes: Ravi isn’t binary when it comes to his morning caffeine ritual and enjoys both a nice Italian roast and English tea.

Netskope Team: Krishna Narayanaswamy

Krishna Narayanaswamy

Chief Scientist

A highly-regarded researcher in deep packet inspection, security, and behavioral anomaly detection, Krishna Narayanaswamy leads Netskope’s data science and user behavior research as chief scientist. Krishna brings 24 years of experience, including founding Top Layer Networks and serving as a distinguished engineer at Juniper Networks.

Coffee notes:  With tastes as diverse as his patents, Krishna dabbles in French roast Arabica beans from all over the world.

Netskope Team-Lebin Cheng

Lebin Cheng

Vice President, Application Engineering

Lebin Cheng is the vice president of application engineering at Netskope. He has more than 20 years of experience in networking and information security engineering at VMware, McAfee, IntruVert and HP.

Coffee notes: Lebin is currently fueled by green tea and Rockstar (but not mixed together).

Netskope Team-Steve Malmskog

Steve Malmskog

Chief Network Architect

Steve Malmskog brings more than 15 years of experience to Netskope as chief network architect. Previously, Steve held similar positions at Payfone, Juniper Networks, Redline Networks, and Disney Internet Group, among other companies.

Coffee notes: Steve particularly enjoys coffee in affogato form.


Alok Kothari

Managing Director, India

Alok Kothari brings 15 years of experience in building world class engineering centers in India. Prior to Netskope, Alok built offshore organizations for companies such as Juniper Networks, Aruba Networks, and Healthon WebMD from the ground-up. He worked as a technologist at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Sun Microsystems, and Healtheon in the USA. Alok has MSCS from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Coffee notes: Freshly ground South Indian filter coffee does it for Alok.

Netskope Team-Paul Oshan

Paul Oshan

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

With a track record of helping take innovative top-notch products from Q1 Labs, Ingrian Networks, and Cisco to customers around the world, Paul Oshan brings more than 20 years of experience in global high-tech sales strategy and leadership to his position as vice president of worldwide sales.

Coffee notes: Paul enjoys Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend daily on his drive into the Netskope office.


Gary Ochs

Vice President, Channels & Alliances

Gary brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, business development and channel management to his role. Gary has helped companies grow in different markets including networking, security and managed security services. Examples include Raptor Systems (acquired by Axent/Symantec); New Oak Communications (acquired by Nortel) and most recently Q1 Labs/IBM where Gary was a business development and channels executive.

Coffee notes: Gary likes to start his day with Intelligentsia’s El Diablo dark roast.