Netskope Active™

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Netskope Active Visibility Watch Video

Drill down into apps, users, sessions, devices, browsers, time periods, locations, performance, user actions, and content.
Powerful Intelligence

Powerful Intelligence

Account for app usage, whether users are on-premises or remote, on a PC or mobile device, and in a browser or native app.



See cloud apps, users, traffic, and activity across the globe.

Netskope Active Analytics How it Works

Pivot around any detail, zero in on user activity, detect anomalies, and create watch lists.
Pivot Flexibly

Pivot Flexibly

Pivot around apps, instances, users, sessions, devices, browsers, time periods, locations, performance, user actions, and content.

Ask Any Question

Ask Any Question

Ask any business or security question to identify risks and opportunities.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Create a deep and complete audit trail to quickly get to the root of a problem after an event has occurred. We’ve got your back.


Anomaly Detection

Detect anomalous behavior that can signal risky behavior or a potential data breach.

Netskope Active Cloud DLP Watch Video

Cloud DLP that is aware of user context and app activity.


Put potential DLP policy violations in context and increase detection accuracy with deep understanding of user context and app activities.


Industry-leading Content Inspection

Industry-standard, language-independent content inspection with more than 3,000 data identifiers and 400 file types.

Ask Any Question

Real-time Across Any App

Set-it-once DLP policies mean you can protect data at the app, category, or global level, versus app-by-app.

Netskope Active Policies How it Works

Enforce sophisticated policies in real time.
Simple Sophistication

Simple Sophistication

Build powerful policies in just a few clicks. While you’re clicking in the product, Netskope builds breadcrumbs so you can set a policy without starting from scratch.


Real-time Enforcement

Enforce your policies in real time, so you can block activities before they occur.


Granular means “YES”

Enforce precise policies so you can say “yes” to people’s favorite apps and simply limit the unwanted activity, rather than block the app altogether.


Coach Users

Coach users about policy violations to educate them about risky behavior, build trust, and create transparency.