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Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Cloud Firewall, Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and Private Access for ZTNA built natively into a single solution to help every business on its journey to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

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Borderless SD-WAN: Ushering in the New Era of Borderless Enterprise

Netskope Borderless SD-WAN offers an architecture that converges zero trust principles and assured application performance to provide unprecedented secure, high-performance connectivity for every site, cloud, remote user, and IoT device.

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Borderless SD-WAN
Netskope delivers a modern cloud security stack, with unified capabilities for data and threat protection, plus secure private access.

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Make the move to market-leading cloud security services with minimal latency and high reliability.

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Safely enable the use of generative AI applications with application access control, real-time user coaching, and best-in-class data protection.

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Safely Enable ChatGPT and Generative AI
Zero trust solutions for SSE and SASE deployments

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Netskope enables a safe, cloud-smart, and fast journey to adopt cloud services, apps, and public cloud infrastructure.

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Netskope’s talented and experienced Professional Services team provides a prescriptive approach to your successful implementation.

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Netskope Professional Services
Secure your digital transformation journey and make the most of your cloud, web, and private applications with Netskope training.

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Security Visionaries Podcast

Bonus Episode 2: The Magic Quadrant for SSE and Getting SASE Right
Mike and Steve discuss the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge (SSE), Netskope’s positioning, and how the current economic climate will impact the SASE journey.

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Bonus Episode 2: The Magic Quadrant for SSE and Getting SASE Right
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How Netskope can enable the Zero Trust and SASE journey through security service edge (SSE) capabilities.

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Netskope AWS Immersion Day World Tour 2023

Netskope has developed a variety of hands-on labs, workshops, in-depth webinars and demos to educate and assist AWS customers in the usage and deployment of Netskope products.

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AWS Partner
What is Security Service Edge?

Explore the security side of SASE, the future of network and protection in the cloud.

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Highest in Execution. Furthest in Vision.

Netskope recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge.

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Netskope recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge.
Thinkers, builders, dreamers, innovators. Together, we deliver cutting-edge cloud security solutions to help our customers protect their data and people.

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Netskope’s partner-centric go-to-market strategy enables our partners to maximize their growth and profitability while transforming enterprise security.

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5 Quick Takeaways from the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2022

Aug 29 2022

Netskope is proud to have again contributed data and insights to Verizon’s annual Mobile Security Index, one of the most influential reports in the industry for evaluating mobile security trends. This report is based on a survey of hundreds of professionals responsible for buying, managing, and securing mobile and IoT devices, making it highly relevant to cybersecurity decision makers who deal with the challenges of hybrid work.

Here are some of the highlights:

Major attacks are increasing

It should come as no surprise that security incidents are on the rise. In the 2022 report, 45% of respondents said they were hit with security breaches in the past 12 months. 73% of these companies said a compromise was described as “major.”

The future of work is here… 

While the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t create the trend toward more flexible working, it dramatically accelerated the pace toward better enabling it. Now, 70% of organizations surveyed believe their workforce is more productive outside the office, and workers now expect that flexibility. 85% of respondents said that flexibility in where they work and what devices they can use will be important to attracting the best new talent. 

… but working anywhere is adding pressure on security teams…

79% of organizations surveyed agree that recent changes to working practices have adversely affected their organization’s cybersecurity. Nearly two in three CISOs surveyed, across all regions, agreed that remote working makes their organization more vulnerable to cyberattack.

…and raising burnout risk for employees

For many people, working “any time, anywhere” has become “everywhere, all the time.” In response, 48% of organizations surveyed noted they have tools in place to restrict “out of hours” use (e.g. embargoing emails overnight). As Verizon’s report notes, working excessive hours can have a negative effect on employees’ mental health, which may in turn raise security risks while reducing overall productivity. The report cites research by LifeWorks that found that workers who stated they could not typically “disconnect from work after usual work hours” had a measurably lower Mental Health Index score than those who could. 

“The Great Resignation” has greatly impacted security

Some companies definitely saw a spike in employee departures. And as the January 2022 Netskope Cloud and Threat Report found, 29% of employees downloaded more files from managed corporate app instances and 15% of users uploaded more files to personal app instances in their final 30 days than usual. Of the users who uploaded more files, half uploaded more than 5x the normal volume, 8% uploaded 100x more and 1% uploaded 1,000x more.

This particular finding underscores the importance of having good reporting and monitoring tools. A data-loss prevention tool could also help to prevent this, by enabling consistent policies that extend across cloud applications, web sites, and legacy applications in data centers to endpoint devices, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets and even IoT devices. Netskope Cloud XD, for example, decodes thousands of apps and cloud services to understand content and context including company versus personal instances, app risk, activity, user risk, and data sensitivity enabling adaptive policies, defenses, and rich analytics.

For more useful insights into the current threat landscape, download the Verizon Mobile Security Index (MSI) 2022 or watch the Verizon on-demand webinar featuring Netskope Chief Technical Officer Krishna Narayanaswamy.

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Melissa Nacerino
Melissa Nacerino is Vice President, Global Channels & Alliances Marketing for Netskope. In this role, she has responsibility for building and executing Netskope’s partner marketing strategy across all indirect routes to market.