Fishing for data loss and unexpectedly catching malware


We are starting to see a trend develop with Netskope customers who initially focus on a set of cloud security use cases, then end up expanding their use case coverage based on what was uncovered during the POC (proof-of-concept) or deployment. A recent example is a global cosmetics company with 35,000 employees that wanted to primarily focus on Shadow IT discovery and sensitive data loss for Office 365, but after the POC expanded their use case.

Netskope worked with the customer to ensure that policies were in place and to tune the award-winning DLP to find and protect sensitive data in Office 365. The initial DLP tests for Office 365 were successful, and then something interesting happened. The Netskope Malware Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree!

During the POC, the customer found out that Netskope employs a variety of services, one of which is advanced threat protection. Even though threat protection was not initially in scope for the POC, when Office 365 was scanned for unprotected sensitive data, the repository of files was also scanned for malware. This was seamless given our one cloud approach to cloud security, where all cloud security services are delivered from a unified platform that was built from the ground up to secure SaaS, IaaS, and web. No extra boxes to deploy, separate products to implement, or multiple consoles to configure and manage. One console for analytics, policy administration, DLP, and threat protection.

Netskope advanced threat protection was able to identify several pieces of zero-day malware, which Office 365 security controls missed. This was an eye-opener for the customer and it led to the conclusion that threat protection should be in scope. After a successful POC, the global cosmetics company is now a Netskope customer.