Netskope Goes International


Starting with this week’s formal launch of Netskope in EMEA, we are proud and excited to announce our international expansion. Beyond this launch being a significant company milestone, it is validation of the Cloud Security Access Broker segment in general and of Netskope’s strategic direction specifically. It is also a signal of our commitment to enabling safe cloud usage for regions around the world.

As part of this launch, we are announcing the appointment of Eduard Meelhuysen, VP Sales and General Manager of EMEA. Eduard joins us with 20 years of high-technology and security management experience, most recently from Aerohive, where he ran Northern European sales.

It is also my pleasure to announce the addition of several features to the Netskope Active Platform that address key data privacy and sovereignty requirements of countries in the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions. These include the industry’s most flexible encryption key management options, unprecedented geo-residency features, and highly granular and contextual user privacy capabilities. These features contribute to the Netskope Active Platform being not only the most advanced in the market, but also the most targeted to the specific needs of our EMEA customers.

We are also supporting this launch with a unique piece of research entitled Data Breach: The Cloud Multiplier Effect, that we collaborated on with the Ponemon Institute, a long-time expert in data security, privacy, and data breach research. We conducted this research in the U.K. and Europe with a unique report for the German market. A brief explanation of this research can be found in Eduard’s blog, or feel free to download the full report. In short, this research highlights the impact that cloud services can have on the probability and economic impact of data breaches, finding that use of cloud can increase an organisation’s chances of experiencing a data breach by up to three times.

As we seek to support our overseas customers with the same attention and focus as we do here in the U.S., a vital aspect of our success in EMEA and internationally are our partner relationships. We have signed up a number of high-impact partners in Europe, who are already in-market with the Netskope solution. Please stay tuned as we announce our partnership with these organisations in subsequent releases.

We look very forward to serving the EMEA and other international regions and working together with our partners to enable safe cloud adoption around the world.