Protecting against employees that ‘never shut up’ in Slack


An Interesting article was published this week on CNBC about how the use of Slack worries some CEOs who say that employees ‘never shut up’ on the app. This is another example of a cloud app that is wildly popular primarily because of the way it enables seamless sharing and collaboration and how this can also lead to sensitive data loss if proper controls are not put in place.  

I recently blogged about a similar issue with Box and talked about how Netskope helps safely enable Box by putting in granular control so you can stop exposure of sensitive data. It turns out that Netskope also provides granular security controls for Slack. In fact, Netskope is securing the largest Slack deployments in the world with real-time, granular controls that prevent data exposure to unintended audiences. CISOs choose Netskope for Slack because of our unique ability to provide granular controls so the risk of sensitive data loss is addressed and employees can use Slack safely.

Here is a demonstration of Netskope’s unique ability to provide real-time, granular controls for Slack.