Welcoming Sift Security to Netskope


Since the very beginning of Netskope, the entire team and I have always focused on building an independent, iconic security company legendary for solving the world’s toughest cybersecurity challenges. I have always felt that the team and culture are the most important ingredients to achieving this – and I am so proud of the fantastic team we have built, our strong worldwide culture of being open, collaborating internally and externally, innovating at a rapid pace, and our unmatched passion and vision for the market that has brought the company to where it is today (and will bring the company to where it will go tomorrow).

With our great team and culture and vision of how the security market needs to be transformed with and from the cloud, our award-winning and market-leading Netskope Security Cloud was built and continues to evolve. Architected as one global scalable cloud an in an open manner to ensure customers and partners can integrate it into their existing and surrounding technologies and infrastructure, the Netskope Security Cloud supports and secures everything from SaaS and IaaS to the web. With a quarter of the Fortune 100 and leading financial, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, energy, and technology enterprise organizations as Netskope customers, the team and company have come a long way.

It is extremely rare to find another product and team that so well mirrors not only our culture and vision but also our technical depth and breadth, and that is why I am thrilled to share today that Netskope has acquired Sift Security.

Founded in 2014, Sift Security first focused on using machine learning and anomaly detection to decrease the time to detection of a breach within public cloud infrastructure, whether it be within the core IaaS service or as it traverses from cloud-to-cloud. They then built out an advanced analytics and graph visualization capability that empowers security teams to respond as quickly as possible and to automate that response as needed.

By bringing Sift Security into our “one cloud” architecture, we will take Netskope for IaaS (and as a result, the entire Netskope Security Cloud) to a new level. Specifically, Sift enhances our ability to uniquely gather and visualize the richest set of contextualized data about transactions. This rich contextual data informs nearly all of the services provided by the Netskope Security Cloud, whether transaction visibility, DLP, threat protection, adaptive access control, anomaly detection, and many more.

Sift Security helped pioneer this for IaaS by ingesting and creating a rich set of data from public cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform). This data, which ranges from information around the OS to the networking to the application and user level, enables Sift to correlate, visualize, detect, and remediate threats and incidents in IaaS services.

Any time you acquire a company — which in general is rare — one of the first things you look at is the cultural fit between teams. Neil King — Sift’s CEO and now head of IaaS Product Management for Netskope — and I met and started talking early in the year and over time through many discussions (and over time having our engineering teams meet and spend time together) realized that together, our companies would be a great fit.

The Netskope team and I have had a wonderful experience with the Sift team since early this year, and I couldn’t be happier with how well we have aligned already and that Sift has joined the Netskope family.  

Please join me in welcoming Sift Security to Netskope, and watch this space for more updates as we bring Sift’s Cloud Hunter technology into the Netskope Security Cloud.