Eliminate blind spots and simplify policy enforcement

Rich context enables granular visibility and control

Eliminate blind spots

Patented and built in the cloud, Netskope Cloud XD™ is the brain behind Netskope. Unlike any other technology, Cloud XD understands all inputs (logs, SaaS, IaaS, web) in extreme definition and performs big data analytics on details including user, group, location, device, service, destination, activity, and content in real time. This helps enterprises eliminate the blind spots legacy vendors can’t see and make policy enforcement simple across thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, and millions of websites. Cloud XD understands users, devices, locations, dates, times, content, and activities such as “share,” “approve,” “edit,” “download,” “send,” “post,” “upload,” and more across any cloud service, service instance, service category, or website. By mapping out the API interactions of billions of transactions across tens of thousands of services, Netskope has built the intelligence you need to go beyond wondering what byte movements represent. This allows you to understand risky behavior and take action to protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents immediately and thoroughly.

Cloud XD uniquely and comprehensively covers all cloud and web traffic sources, including web browsers, mobile apps, and sync clients.

Key Features

Granular, unified control

Rather than take a sledgehammer approach by blocking cloud services and websites, use Netskope Cloud XD as your scalpel. Identify risky activities and the details surrounding them, such as sharing outside of the organization’s sanctioned instance or downloading confidential data to a BYO device, and block or throttle those instead. The result is safely enabling the cloud and web while carving out the risk rather than blocking outright in a single control point.

Deep visibility

Eliminate blind spots across all cloud and web transactions. If you can look deeply into cloud services and websites and gain a full understanding of how they are used in your organization, then your security initiatives such as policy development, DLP, threat protection, and incident forensics will be stronger and more successful. With Cloud XD, you’re able to see rich information like user, group, location, device, service, destination, activity, and content in real time, across thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, and millions of websites.

Cloud-scale TLS decryption

For Netskope to see and decode cloud and web use details, Netskope safely decrypts TLS-encrypted traffic. We do this securely and at cloud scale, with no impact to the user experience.

Real-time data analytics

Cloud XD performs big data analysis of user, group, location, activity, and content across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites to detect the rich details needed for simplified security policies against non-compliant behavior, data protection, and cloud threats. And rather than go through the tedious process of creating a separate policy for each cloud service and website, take advantage of unified policies from Netskope. Cloud XD normalizes activities like “upload,” so you can seamlessly enforce policies at the category level, such as “Block upload of sensitive content to any cloud storage outside of the company’s corporate instance.”

Netskope Cloud XD

See cloud and web activities in real time

By mapping the API interactions of billions of transactions across tens of thousands of cloud services and millions of websites, the Netskope Cloud XD helps you understand cloud and web activities like “share,” “approve,” “edit,” “download,” “send,” “post,” “upload,” and more.

Top Use Cases

Precise policies

Because Cloud XD gives you more granularity across the board, you will have stronger policies. You can be more precise and targeted across both sanctioned and unsanctioned services and websites whether users are on a web browser, mobile app, or sync client.

Rich context

Cloud XD gives you rich cloud and web use details for your reporting, analytics, and forensics. By decoding and normalizing metadata about users, services, devices, locations, activities, and content, we make these details available for your ad-hoc queries, forensic audit trail, incident management processes, and compliance reports.

Threat coverage

Cloud XD takes your cloud threat protection to the next level by augmenting anomaly detection with rich cloud use details. Your threat vector coverage is expanded to include cloud and web access methods with zero blind spots.

Award-winning DLP

Netskope Cloud XD incorporates relevant information into your DLP policies for more precise and accurate detection. Your DLP coverage can be set across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites.

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